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Born in New Jersey to the man many knew as the Red King was Bishop Jones, well known as the Prince. Bishop grew into his title like a ruler would but the facts were always blatant, the terminology was elite but the reality was a gang empire mimicing a monarchy. Thugs were Knights, tech geeks Mages, sharpshooters dragons, thieves were rogues. The sanity of the King in his later years was questionable. He sent his only son to Japan for his first hit. The only initiation to the Kingdom's throne for a prince.

In Japan he relaxed, took in the foreign sights and women with avarice before finally heading to his task. An 'Akemi Sato' who lived on the docks. Entering her home with the stealth handed down from his, alleged but never backed up, Samurai trained father. When he got to the back of the one room shack nothing occupied the home except a burning candle on a short table.

The kick to the back of his neck was sharp and almost painless, dropping like dead weight onto the wooden floor

In a catatonic state he stares through the numbing fluids at a woman he knew was Sato and a man...his father. "And this process will mold him into the perfect weapon...?"

"Beloved...if you ha dleft our child with me this would not have been necessary...but yes. it will make him more than a man...a demon with a blade..."

"Maybe now I can take that mop off of his head. He said he wouldn't cut it until he lost." A barrel chested laugh escape the Red King.


"What did you say?" The King looks to Sato "I said nothing beloved..."

"It was him. Release the fluids before he becomes fully aware. Hurry bitch!"

Rushing Sato grabs onto the controls and drains the tank, emptying the fluid sacks from the tubing and letting them withdraw from her son's bronze arms. "He will not be unstoppable..but he will be difficult to stop" A cherry painted smile lifts on her flawless lips.

"What are his abilities with this, enhancement."

"He will be faster. Beyond the limitations of a normal man. If I were guessing...? He can run over forty miles per hour.His strength will be doubled, able to cut through one like melted butter....and his reflexes, oh his reflexes will be almost paranormal in nature. He will react to anything with accuracy and grace. To make this possible we had to extend his limits in his five senses to not over load his brain. He can now smell like a dog, see like a hawk, run like a cheetah and his touch will be, sensitive. "

"...Let him loose in three days..make sure your faraway...Once my son awakens, he will not be kind to the first face he sees."

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Date Joined: April 16, 2013
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
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Ranked: Ranked #24580 of 46,646
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