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I was 18 but Sailor Moon was the show that got me into anime really. I went from novice fan picking up a few titles here and there to wanting to know about anime more. Sailor Moon made me want to know more about show and more about anime. Almost 20 years later I go to cons and I have a huge anime and manga collection. In so I have ...
5 months ago
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8 months, 3 weeks ago
Water bottles are good cause you can refill them either water fountains or water stations in con hotel. Even if you have one that can be used over and over again.Also in the break: Don't be one of those that are up the whole 72 hours of con. Get even a few hours of sleep.No con funk: Remember to shower too.I never even thought of poster tube thing. I don't ...
8 months, 3 weeks ago
I hate DBZ. When I first watched I liked it but more and more I watched I realized something. It is one of the dumbest, most boring shows at times that I ever watched. Not up there as boring as with Gilgamesh or La Chavior Deion (?). The action repetitive and goes on way to long sometimes. Fights to take long and just get to point CAN WE MOVE ON ...
1 year ago
All of End Of Evagenlion pissed me off. Really it was just dumb and just seemed like a way for creators to tell fans of show fu after they didn't like the ending to tv show.
1 year, 10 months ago
Supermutant2099 replied to the topic Will you get a Wii-U? on the Off-Topic board.
I got lucky today and found one. I had pre ordered one through wal-mart and got screwed up. Partly because of Hurricane Sandy and credit card problem and wal-mart itself. I said if I can't find one easy then I'm not going to run around. I get a e-mail yesterday that toys r us is going to get some and was thinking I try calling. So I call local one ...
2 years, 2 months ago
End of Evangelion is screwed up. Even more screwed up School Days. Giglamesh, L/R (Why they did that ending is beyond me), and others.
2 years, 2 months ago
My first anime? Either Robotech, Transformers G1, Speed Racer, Astro Boy, or Voltron. That was when I was kid. First one I knew was anime? Probably one of the shows on Sci-Fi anime weekend.
2 years, 3 months ago
Overrated: Dragonball Z. I ended up hating DBZ. I liked it at first but ended up realizing after a while that was long, dumb, boring, repetitive fighting. Not enough story points. Fights will go on and on. The same fights over and over again. Same set up. Forget all that if you want to. The show has giantic plot holes. They blow up the moon after they blew it up ...
2 years, 4 months ago
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I am DC aka Darkchild. FEAR MEOW
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1.8 million Vitas, about expected considering. E3 is going to be super interesting. CoD Vita on stage is my guess.
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Off My Mind: Supervillains Entering the Witness Protection Program
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I think I'm addicted to smoque
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Apparently happiness is going to cost me another $2000 a year #LivingTheDream
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I NEED this shirt! Brides love unicorns: new Offbeat Bride tshirts | Offbeat Bride: via @AddThis
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