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Hello and welcome to Homoerotic or What? .... I mean... Weird or What?! This time we're straying from our good friend Zetsubou Sensei and we're going to check out Sengoku Basara: Butch Homo Samurai Kings. Okay... that's a little bit cruel now, but I still really need to get that out. The real title is Sengoku Basara: Samurai Knights. Yes. They just chose the two manliest professions (other than lumber jack) and mixed them up with the Japanese word for "country in civil war", and some nonsense syllables. I think the title explains Basara pretty well. Manly men fighting each other and a tonne of pure nonsense. I'm not really sure if Basara is being serious or not. Heck I'm not sure if it's supposed to be fantasy or not. But I don't really know if anybody does. But, before I talk about how ridiculous and nonsensical Basara is, I'm going to tell you what's good... 
 It looks cool now....
 It looks cool now....

And that would be the animation. Hawt damn that animation is delicious. It's very smooth with great colours and a good frame rate. Slick and nice, and holds up to animation two years later. So, yes. Kudos to Production IG. Pretty much most of IG's work is really nice. Especially their works like Ghost Hound, Ghost in The Shell, and Eden of the East. Since Basara is in fact based off of a game, they have stunning character designs. All the best character designs come from video games, yet some of the worst adaptations. Well, actually most of the characters are super awesome. I guess they just had to have Mrs. Cleavage with some serious hair problems, but other than that Basara is a marvel to look at. It also had a catchy opening!
But that's pretty much all the praise I can give this series. I mean, hell yeah it's entertaining, but hell no it is not good. Let's talk about the story. Wait... never mind. For the life of me I can't find a substantial plot. Samurai fight each other and try to dominate a country... I think. It wasn't really clear. I probably shouldn't be so hard on the plot there. I mean it is an action anime so you shouldn't expect too much. The fight scenes are amazing, so I guess that makes it manly enough and an awesome shounen series.
Hahahaha... Nope. The writing is crap. Tonnes of random Engrish and everything was just so over the top. Horses with handle bars, exploding sword fights, and a guy that wields not one, not two... SIX swords at the same time. This thing is blowing my mind in a bad way. Maybe the silliness was intended. Perhaps Basara is a comedy? But yet again I think they're being serious... or trolling.
 I also cant get over the bromance. The bromance is everything but platonic. I mean, Yukimura falling on the ground after a fight with Masamune grabbing his chest and exclaiming "My heart burns!" and his constant obsession with Masamune is homoerotic and nobody can deny it. Plus that little Rock Lee-Gai Sensei moment with Yukimura and that guy with the fluffy red helmet was just a bit too bromantic. I watched this in anime club, and the entire fujoshi population burst out in fangirling laughter. Sure, fujoshi slash everything, but when the straight guys start growing awkward... you know things have gotten a bit too Brokeback Mountain. I think Basara was intended to be the manliest anime ever but one of the script writers was a serious fujoshi troll.
Well, I'm enjoying myself. And I find this sure as hell a comedy, and the animation is drool worthy. So, I'll watch it. 
Funimation has it up on Youtube right here.. Just for you!
Give me your thoughts on Sengoku Basara: Samurai Knights Episode 1 "Blue Crimson! A Meeting of Fate" -fangirl giggle- in the comments below. :) Thanks for reading!
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