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Aaaand we're back to Zetsubou Sensei. You'll have to forgive last week. I needed to get my thoughts on Sengoku Basara out. But-- I digress, it's time to take a look into Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei Episode 3, Fly Over That Country to Get to Here. One hilarious and crazy episode!
 Meet Panty... I mean Kaere!
 Meet Panty... I mean Kaere!
  Well.. I feel a bit embarrassed here. I was honestly convinced this was an all girls school. Well, apparently there are male students but they don't have some sort of mental disorder to we don't care about them. On the topic of mentally disturbed kids, we have a new character! Nozomu, here's your new stalker: Kaere Kimura. She's an overseas student who's returned to Japan for a while. Oh, yes. She will be joining the stalker train, and will be fighting for your approval in fierce competition with Matoi. Congratulations. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Nozomu right now. I mean, it's not like he's trying to get all these girls to fall in love with him. But! I can say I'm happy the feeling isn't mutual. If Nozomu returned his feelings to the harem, I'd be a bit disturbed. Paedophilia is a no-no! To give you a little insight into our new character Kaere, she's insane. Not just because she's a stalker, but because she suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Yes! I was right! Each episode will talk about a new student and their mental disorders! Huzzah! 
I'm happy they didn't pull another "You could have killed me!" moment, because it was funny once, then a bit boring (and offensive). This episode was taken to a different level, compared to the other ones, and to be honest: I loved it. Something about it seemed a lot more sarcastic, and the dark humour was played up. I'm super eager to watch another episode, and I'm really falling in love with the animation and art style. I was pretty happy I decided to watch this home alone because there's a bit of fanservice, and I was laughing like a fool. The writers must have had so much fun playing with Nozomu's character. I loved his xenophobic outburst. Because let's face it: the lawsuits in America are ridiculous. 
 Hi... I'm not really Taro Sekiutsu... I like to hoard
 Hi... I'm not really Taro Sekiutsu... I like to hoard
Then there's Maria. The illegal immigrant who bought the student number and name of Taro Sekiutsu. I found this part ridiculous. I mean seriously? Purchasing someone's student number? Not that I have a problem with it, it's just outlandish, that's all. But yet again, SZS is pretty much entirely outlandish and a total hoot. I found it pretty funny how ignorant Maria is. I'll leave the jokes for you to experience. Maria's little hoarding moments are strangely adorable, and I loved how everyone felt pity for her. A very cute and funny ending to a funny and wild episode.
Watch Sayonara, Zetstubou Sensi Episode 3 on your own time, and let me know what you think in the comments!
Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes out for my review on the next episode!
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