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Jack Merridew. Yes. He is fab and it hurts. #LordOfTheFlies
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Basically the rules are that you post in the comment section below, and you answer these questions. Simple enough. :) I'll post my answers later.
  1. Anime or Manga?
  2. Subs or Dubs?
  3. What's the first anime you've seen?
  4. What's your favourite anime?
  5. What's your favourite manga you've read?
  6. What's your favourite genera of anime?
  7. If you could date any anime character, which one would it be?
  8. What anime character are you most like?
  9. If you could have the powers or skills of any anime character, who's would you have? (
  10. If you could have any anime hair, who's hair would you have?
  11. What's your favourite cannon anime couple?
  12. Scariest anime you've seen?
  13. Funniest anime you've seen?
  14. Anime you're ashamed to have enjoyed?
  15. Favourite non-human anime character?
  16. If you could trade places with an anime character for one day, who would it be?
  17. If you could have dinner with one anime character, who would it be?
  18. Who's the hottest anime character of them all?
  19. Favourite anime video game?
  20. Unexpectedly fantastic anime? 
  21. Favourite crack couple?
  22. Favourite anime villian?
  23. Favourite anime hero/heroine?
  24. Least favourite anime?
  25. Favourite anime quote?
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