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Recently I've noticed there are a few AMVs that I find myself watching over and over again. I think I always go back to them because of only a few reasons. Firstly because of the music. An AMV is nowhere without some epic tunes. You can't achieve reason 2 with out it. Reason two: The editing. The editing has to match the music. Flashing things and cool effects will only get you so far. You need something that keeps the viewer entertained, and interested, and it needs to fit the music. Finally reason 3: The anime. If it's an anime I hate, I'm probably not going to watch the amv. If it's a pairing AMV, if I hate the pairing, I'm not going to watch the AMV. This is were I post the AMV that I keep watching over and over again (It's shounen-ai so cover the eyes of small children):
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