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Jack Merridew. Yes. He is fab and it hurts. #LordOfTheFlies
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This extremely intillegent OVA mystery series follows Hal and Kai as they take down drug cartel! Kinda sounds boring on paper, but this is one of my favourite anime, and by far in my top 10 manga. The manga is much better than the OVA, because you can't do much in an hour and there are a pile of SWITCH books, but the OVA picks out the important pieces here and there to construct a lovely peak into the lives of our narcotics detectives. Smart mysteries and insane characters. Definitely one of my favourites. Beware the cute ones and those with tattoos are obviously connected to some Japanese drug cartel. Well... that's at least what SWITCH told me.

What's your 4th favourite anime? Why? Have you seen SWITCH? What are your opinions?

Keep your eyes on the look out for #3 on Superevil's top 5 anime!

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