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These last few days I haven't been fulfilling my promise of editing the wiki because I am lazy. Well, I'll get my work up on TnC later today, probably not long after I finish writing this blog. Actually, during the last few day's I've been watching the anime on Netflix. The most recent anime I've watched is Shigurui.


Shigurui is essentially about Fujiki Gennosuke and Irako Seigen samurai who has lost an arm, and is blind, respectively. Currently I've only watched 3 episodes in total, so the anime is not yet in full swing (no pun intended). So far I'm only on Fujiki's side of the story, which is fairly interesting. The anime is about a samurai tournament, and the first fight is between the two samurai stated above. The story doesn't follow their fight as much as it does their past. The anime traces back what happened to the two warriors that disabled them, and made them have to fight in the deadly tournament.
Although Shigurui is with out a doubt a master piece, I will not watch any more of this anime. The anime is extremely manly for one. It's so manly your neighbourhood friendly yaoi fangirl hasn't shipped any two character together. But that's not really the problem. I've watch plenty of series like that before. The big kicker here is that the anime is really heavy. It's dark, very dark. And right now I'm in the mood for something happy and fluffy and cute. But I could put it on hold? That's a 'no' too. I found that I had trouble understanding the anime. A lot of the samurai culture was beyond me. I found myself caught up in metaphors and symbolism that I tried to decipher while I lost the overall anime, and eventually forgot character's names (I had to look up Irako's name).
Don't let all that discourage you though. If you understand samurai culture, and you are a manly man, Shigurui is your best bet. It has great animation, fight scenes, art, dialogue and voice acting (even for the dub). The anime is dark, and definitely 18A but it really is amazing, just not everyone's cup of tea.
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