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Recently I finished watching Ouran High School Host Club. It was up on Netflix, so there was nothing to loose, you know? I didn't think I was going to like OHSHC. It seemed like another cheesy shojo anime, which I'm really sick of. But in the end, I found that I really enjoyed this anime. I characters were really interesting, and I found it to be legitimately funny, although I can't say that the plot sounded intriguing.
I was recently talking to my friends about OHSHC, and they said they weren't interested. They didn't think that a girl gets caught up in a high school host club anti-harem sounded interesting. To be honest, I thought that kinda sucked as well. But my one friend told me that it was totally worth it. Really, in the end the plot totally sucked, but I still wound up loving the series.
Probably what I loved most about OHSHC was the characters. Haruhi, was just okay, and I think that's what the point was. She served her part as 'that person' which creates motion in the series. Tamaki was really funny and over the top. Hunny was waay~ too cute, and Kyoya was a really interesting character. But my favourite characters was the kind hearted yet serious looking Takashi and the twins. Takashi and Hunny's relationship was really adorable, and I don't know why but I loved them so much. In the end, I freaking was obsessed with Kaoru and Hikaru. They were really funny.
But despite all that I didn't like the end. At. All. It was really lame, and lacked substance.They really rushed it, and they made the series too serious. I mean, come on, it's a comedy and comedies have happy and funny endings. The last 5 or 7 episodes were really heavy and serious, I got sick of it quickly.
What were your thoughts? DId you like the anime? Have you watched it? Favourite character(s)? Thoughts on the ending?
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