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We all know that anime, is messed up. I don't think anybody can deny that. There is anime that will mind-f*ck you, and anime that is just plain gross, but which are the worst? I like to dance with the devil when I watch my anime, most of what I watch is dark and twisted... but what are the mist disturbing? Honestly it's very difficult for me to say because it takes a lot to creep me out, but what have, have done at least a passable job. Now, this list will include some anime video games, but I'm staying away from putting hentai or anything on here. That stuff doesn't need to be recognized as disturbing. Plus, this is only the anime I've watched.

4. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

  And now when I hear the sounds of the higurashi I run for my life. Probably what was most disturbing about this anime was the English dub... but the second most disturbing part of this anime was all the little cute kids stabbing themselves and shoving people's severed arms into refrigerators. It was neat to see the different possible story lines and such, but I have to say that some were really, really messed up.

3. Baccano!

The Rail Tracer. Wtf people. A lot of people who have seen Baccano! don't (generally) remember it for it's violence because the plot out weighs the horror. There are just some awful deaths here. The Rail Tracer grinds somebody's face off on the rail road tracks. And the books go a bit farther too. Poor Czes throws himself into a fire, and an immortal is cemented into an oil barrel to drown for eternity. The worst ways to die are right here. It give me shivers thinking about going that way

2. Elfen Lied

 How many quarts of blood was spilled in the name of f*cked up little girls with invisible killer arms? A lot. There was quite a lot of nudity and unreasonable gore, but in general nobody can deny that this anime was messed up. There was some disturbing stuff with little girls, old girls and severed arms and legs. But... was it the most mess up that I've seen? Nope. Not quite.

1. Togainu No Chi

Well, the anime was pretty disturbing because it sucked, and the manga wasn't at all. But... lets take a lookie do over at the PC game shall we? No... actually please don't. I know I said I wasn't going to talk about hentai or anything, but I think Togainu No Chi needs a pat on the back for making me very... very creeped out. Well, we'll ignore the fact that Shiki drinks up all the blood in somebody for kicks and giggles, despite not being a vampire. We'll ignore the f*cked up pairings and personalities. And, y'know what.... we'll just let Kau and his skimpy leather outfit, scarred chest and flat out creepiness slip from under the radar. I think it really boiled down to allowing Keisuke to try a little 'Line'. What the hell? Oh, yes I just love to see people rip out other peoples intestines and bask in the glory of murder and rape (which happens immediately after). You also gotta shiver at Keisuke and Akira's idea of 'friendship'... or maybe it's 'love', f*ck I have no idea...
Oh... yeah, then there's that whole Nazi thing at the end of Shiki's gameplay, with poor... poor Akira.

 Well, there you have it. The most disturbing anime I have watched. But there are more out there. I haven't seen them all, but if you're curious here is a list of honourable mentions that I cannot tell you how messed up they are. Be warned my friends.
Shadow Star Narutaru
T okyo Godfathers
Perfect Blue
Soo.... out of all the anime you've seen, what are the most disturbing?
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