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Most Attractive Male Characters
These are the male character that your forum queen (totally not egotistical) finds extremely attractive. Now, I'll have you know that this is purely based on looks. Some characters on here are sick mother f*ckers, and if they were real I would probably avoid them....
Well.... maybe not 'cause they're so attractive.
Also, I am 16, so there might be some young-uns here. Don't mind me. XD
General list of things I like on guys:
  • Red eyes
  • White/blonde hair
  • Coats
  • Scarfs
  • Eye patches
  • Glasses
  • Red hair
  • Unique appearance
  • Black hair
  • Men in uniform
1. Kaoru Hitachiin

It's the twin thing. And red hair. I've always loved red hair.

2. Hikaru Hitachiin

See Kaoru.

3. Gunji

Oh look! Edward Elric decided to become a sick and demented man. Hurp derp.

4. Death The Kid

Pffft he is totally 16, or at least close! XD

5. Edward Elric

I have a bit of an obsession with long hair. Plus, the short guys have been appealing to me. :P

6. Shiki

It's the zip-up leather pants and we all know it.

7. Usaki Toudou

Glasses. I love dudes with glasses.

8. Prussia

Red eyes and/or white/blonde hair is also really nice on guys.

9. Izaya Orihara

He's kinda creepy looking but in a good way, y'know?

10. Shizuo Heiwajima

Despite the temper, he's super cute and reminds me of a Swedish guy I met. :P

11. Claire Stanfield

That red hair is really awesome. Also I met a man in real life that looked just like him and he was so hawt. It's also the accent. I totally have the hots for his accent.

12. Spain

Spanish guys... yum. XD

13. Zuko

He's crazy attractive in the third season. It's the tough guy look he's got going on.

14. Lavi

Red hair... eye patch... scarf.... :D

15. Allen Walker

He's actually crazy cute. I don't like his character too much, but he is adorable.

16. Hei

Hot n' dangerous.

17. Gilgamesh

When he's shirtless, he is God. XD

18. Setsuna F Seiei

When he grows up, he's super cute!! <3

19. Lockon Stratos

THERE ARE TWO! *totally doesn't love the idea of twins* >.> <.<

20. Lockon Stratos

Again... two... XD

21. Kiba

Those eyes! They are so beautiful. But he's only attractive in human form. Other wise, that is sick.

22. Gilbert

Pffft he's so damn attractive! And that cravat! You know what they say about men with long cravats.... XD

23. Miharu Rokujo

Dunno what it is, but he's kinda appealing to me.

24. Chrono

In super demon form. It's hot, don't deny it.

25. Kei Agemaki

That uniform is crazy hot. XD

26. Sebastian Michaelis

Sexy demon.

27. Nanashi

Girls can't resist the scars. And he's got a nice personality.

28. Huey Laforet


Dahlia_Magentaon Aug. 13, 2011 at 6:13 p.m.
What no Sebastian or Ciel here!?, shocker:P
Superevil225on Aug. 14, 2011 at 3:27 p.m.
@Dahlia_Magenta: It's a work in progress. XD Ciel's a bit too young for the list. lol
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