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Have you ever wondered what a decent live action re-make of an anime would look like? Sure we have the Dragonball Fail and The Last Shamalan Movie, but I'm talking about something that is at least passable. Death Note. I'll give you that. But really, it doesn't live up to it's original format. Well, perhaps the Ouran High School Host Club live action TV show has some hope.

The first episode of the live action came out around mid-to-late July with a flimsy rating of 1.1%. But really, the show does deserve more respect than it gets. It's time slot was around 1 AM, so naturally the ratings for any show would suck. But, if Ouran continued during prime-time... would it still have such a flimsy rating? My answer: No.

Living in my sheltered igloo I can honestly say I am not familiar with Japanese live action shows. The only one I've seen is, briefly, TENCHIJIN whilst on exchange a few years ago. Which is why I didn't touch Ouran until now. Due to my unfamiliarity with the genera, I found myself a little bit surprised upon watching Ouran. Ultimately it follows the original Ouran plot fairly well and I don't really have any problem with the characters and casting. Although the twenty year old man playing Hunny is a bit strange.

The show plays up to the anime's original craziness very well. While the effect and cinematography are either cheesy or reminiscent of a soap opera. The actor of Tamaki is able to pull off the flamboyant anime personality fairly well and the entire cast nearly lives up to their animated rolls. While you're not going to get an exact replica, you get a pretty decent cast and set of characters.

 (from left to right): The Twins, Tamaki, Mori, Hunny
 (from left to right): The Twins, Tamaki, Mori, Hunny

The humour itself is strange. 100% Japanese. And not the animated humour. Those Japanese love to be excessively expressive. Of course, this is only to expect from a pure Japanese creation. I did find myself laughing like an idiot, I wasn't sure if it was because it was so cheesy, or because that's exactly what the humour was going for. All I know was that it was hella entertaining. Great comedy I need to watch more of, or train wreak I can't look away from. Honestly I have no idea.
Come watching this live action rendition with low expectations and come out surprised. That's how I felt.

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