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Just thought it would be nice to share some awesome Japanese tunes with you guys! It would be nice, if people like this, to post one of these up once a week. Since I know everyone has a vastly different taste in music, I'll make 3 categories! 


This week's j-pop pick is Ai Otsuka's Cherish. You may have heard this one in a lovely video known as "Draw With Me" which you can look up on youtube if you're interested. Without further ado, here is Cherish!


 You might recognize this singer's voice from Kuroshitsuji II. Here I bring you a different song from The Gazette. This one's called Vortex. No. There wont be any demon butlers. Sorry Team Alois. But it's good for those Kuroshitsuji haters!

Anime Op/Ed

 And here's where I'll take a random opening or ending from an anime, give you the low down on the anime, and you fanboy/fangirl in the comments below.
This one's the opening to a two episode OVA called " Switch". It's a much longer manga series written and drawn by ' Naked Ape'. It's got a similar tone as the ever popular Death Note, but without all the magical notebooks and death gods. Switch is about Hal and Kai, who're a pair of bad-ass cops who take down druggies and drug organizations alike.

 So... what did you think for a first go? Did you like the music? Do you think I should have more categories? So you just want me to shut up? Lemmie know! 
If you have any suggestions for bands/songs/openings/endings or categories, feel free to let me know via pm, the comments, or twitter (@superevil225). Thanks for checking this out! See ya next time!
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