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Why does anime have so much fanservice? I find a lot of series are fantastic, but the fanservice made them lose a viewer. For example High School Of The Dead. I just watched the first episode. Let's first get this out of the way, I love zombies. So much!! So the zombie part is no biggie. I don't mind violence, I wouldn't say I love it, but I watched the Punisher War Zone and Kick-Ass and didn't flinch. The anime (believe it or not) is really deep, and well done. The CG looks out of place, but in what anime does it look normal? It's just there was so many ass shots, I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head. Not to mention the jiggling jugs of women-ness hanging off of every female's chest. It's just too much. 
I also find it slightly offensive. I'm not going to go into a huge rant, but why so much female fanservice? Why not a little man-fanservice in an anime, eh? (Please keep in mind I am a girl) A guy would feel awkward seeing, say man-ass, in an anime, but it's the same for girls. I'll watch an anime and feel really awkward with boobs jumping around. It's PE class all over again. 
Now if fanservice is worked in so that I don't mind it, fantastic! Akira did a good job of that. I barely remember the boobs, and I loved it. Neon Genesis Evangelion had a lot of fanservice, but it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. I found that in some ways it made the anime a bit deeper. More thoughts on human nature. But currently, I'll stop watching an anime because I don't feel comfortable any more.
It's hard to find a new anime these days. So many of them make me feel way too uncomfortable. I think all the female fanservice is offensive and over the top. What do you think? 
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