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Hello all! Revealing a new… ish side of myself! The cosplayer!! Let’s get a few things straight. Yes, I am a girl, and yes, I crossplay more than is healthy. XD
Now! Time to start. Let me give you the low down about this blog. This’ll be all about my cosplay experiences, blah blah. In the comments feel free to discuss what ever I discuss, offer suggestions, or just be random. Now to the main event…. 

 KAITO!!! (So smexy!!)
 KAITO!!! (So smexy!!)

 So, recently I ordered a Kaito (Vocaloid) wig. Tearing it out of the package took longer than expected… yeah, I’m scared to use scissors. It’s too pretty!! Anyway, so I get it out and spend nearly half an hour petting it. I’m honestly really impressed with the quality. It’s extremely soft and well styled. So, I pin my hair up and ghasp! ZOMG! I needed to style the bangs.
I’m not even joking, the bangs were unstyled… not even like an attempt. The bangs went past my chin. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem, for a normal cosplayer.   But I kind of have a love for hair styling… so this, of course will take be forever. I’m not even half way done and it’s been a grand total of 40 minutes. I’m also having trouble finding a good gel for my wig. If any of you know of any decent brands I can find in Canada, I would love you forever. It’s hard because I can’t find a brand that isn’t too gely. One that doesn’t make my wig look like crap would be nice, but one that keeps it all together.
See the last wig I styled was my Claire Stanfield (Baccano!) wig. I’m so proud of that but it took me close to 4 hours in total. Let’s just say it started of as a shoulder length wig. I nearly died, but it actually looks really, really nice. It’s good because I was able to avoid having to use a lot of intense gel. But GAH! Did it take forever!!
Anyway, a nice brand of gel for my wig would be glorious. No joke. I will give you an internet cookie for your helpfulness.
Duke Of Venomania
Duke Of Venomania
Judgment Of Corruption
Judgment Of Corruption
Onto the costume. Originally, I was going to just to a Magnet Kaito cosplay, but I guess my plans have changed. I love Kaito way to much (I think I need an intervention). Currently I’m making 3 Kaito cosplays. Magent, Judgment of Corruption, and Duke Of Venomania’s Madness. It’s pretty insane but I love the costumes too much not to do them. I’ll probably wear my Kaito costumes to the replacement Anime Evolution, called Cos & Effect, in Vancouver. I’m excited. It’s a shame that my close friend will be busy with a Saint Seiya cosplay. I’ve actually been meaning to do one of those, but y’know what? I honestly don’t have the money for that, so I’m going to have to hold out on that one. 

I recently finished my Magnet Kaito headphones for my Magnet Kaito cosplay. I found this old pair of headphones that I decked out with my acrylic paints. The artist in me was so happy!! I had my smock on and everything. Too bad I didn’t have some j-pop playing in the background. It would have made me so anime-nerd-ish. XD I’m also in search for my judge’s robes for my Judgment of Corruption cosplay. That and a purple vest. WHY PURPLE? I swear it will drive me around the bend. At least I commissioned a friend to make my Duke Of Venomania costume at a discounted price. My inability to sew dresses will get me killed one of these days. I know it.
In conclusion: Decked out in blue, obsessed with Kaito, fake blue hair everywhere, me huddled in a corner with a half styled wig, and desperately searching for a judge’s cloak. Oh I love being a cosplayer.
Finally, a reminder, any suggestions for good hair gel for my wig? I have a budget XD Thanks and I hope you liked this first blog of many to come. :)
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