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So I've heard a lot of mixed reactions to Alois Trancy. He's been called 'lame' 'psychotic' and 'stupid'. But he's also been called 'epic', 'bad-ass' and 'cute'. I've also heard people rip on Ciel  calling him 'annoying' or 'moe tool-bag'. But he's also been called 'cute' and 'awesome'. For all you Kuroshitsuji goers, what's your opinion on Alois and Ciel? Is there one you hate or prefer?
Personally I love Ciel and i love Alois. I like Alois more because his characterization is really strong, and I think he's a total bad-ass on top on being a nut case. But I don't hate Ciel (as a lot of Alois fans do), I love him 'cause he's cute, and he's also a bad-ass.
You guys?
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