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Jack Merridew. Yes. He is fab and it hurts. #LordOfTheFlies
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Yeah, sorry. I've been super swamped with pretty much life and school. I really hope I'll be able to post up a vlog tomorrow, before or after school.
I know I promised two, but frankly I don't have the time. But I promise I wont let you down and I will get a new CTw/E out tomorrow. :D
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Yes, they're out of whack. If you've noticed or not I haven't been active recently. Now the real reason I'm less prevalent on AV these days is because of school. But I'm pretty sure it's attributed to some post-anime depression.

I finished No. 6 and Sword of The Stranger. They're both amazing and I highly recommend them, but they're emotionally straining. I've been mopey for the last few days. So, I'm just reminding you I'm still here and I should be more active in the near future.

So, let's have a little discussion. What anime has thrown your life upside down it was so amazing/depressing/happy/horrifying?

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I'm hopefully going to be live blogging Sword of the Stranger on my Tumblr tomorrow. Don't have a time yet. But I'm hoping to be able to do it in the morning. :)

If something comes up it'll probably be next weekend.


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Fully titled: Tits N' Ass, but I don't want to be weeded out as mature content on Youtube.

This episode I'm answering Sotyfan16's question on fanservice and my opinions. I had to do this in a rush, so it's not the best, but HAY you guys'll get two this week so yay!! Hope you enjoy, and send your Q&A in any format (AV, youtube, Twitter, Tumblr) and I'll answer them in the upcoming two episodes.

Sorry! I forgot to ask this in the video so.... What's your opinion on fanservice?

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GAH! I am going to cry right now. The ending of No. 6 was just too much for me. Sion and Nezumi just--

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