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This is a little feature that I'm hoping to get moving along and make posts for it at least twice a week. Basically I take an anime I've been told is really bizarre and out there. Depending on the comments I get, I'll go through the entire series.
Today: Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei. AKA Goodbye, Mr. Despair.
 The first scene... no joke
 The first scene... no joke
Nozomu Itoshiki doesn't feel life is worth it anymore. His name literally spells out despair and failure. So, within the first few minutes of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei he hangs himself, only to be saved by one of his students, Kafuka Fuura. This absurdist and extremely literary anime follows Nozomu through his depression, and Kafuka Fuura's attempt to make him see the optimism in life. While normally this kind of story would be more of a depressing mope fest drama, it's intended to be a satire. How? I have no idea. Really I normally wouldn't see Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei as 'funny' because depression isn't something to joke about. But in this case the satire is fairly tasteful considering the controversial subject matter. 
 This catchphrase will get old... soon
 This catchphrase will get old... soon
We don't really know why Nozomu is so depressed. From what I see, he's more of a weak soul that doesn't just see the class as half empty, but sees a massive crack where all the water pours out... until it's empty with nothing left. Exaggeration? No. Litterally Nozomu is unable to see anything good about life. That's what makes Kafuka Fuura such a good foil. A young and innocent girl who sees the glass overflowing with rainbows and kittens. 
I guess what makes the dark... really dark comedy 'tasteful' is the fact that it isn't making fun of suicide or depression, but more pessimism. It deeply explores the ridiculousness of today's bleak view on the world. Nozomu is depressed because that's the way he is. And I have a feeling that this dark and satirical anime is going to take a twist for either really happy/sad or really messed up.
The animation of Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei is really unique. It's by the same people that have done Madoka Magica and Bakemonogatari so it's very interesting. The art is unique and seems to be reminiscent of a neo-Taishou art style with cut out silhouette figures for some scenes. I feel a little bit like I've taken anime LSD. Furthermore the animation is quite smooth and overall the character designs are pretty good. I'm just wondering why Nozomu is wearing a kimono in modern day Japan. Well... it looks cool I guess.
Cut-out silhouettes are common and make no sense.... at all
Cut-out silhouettes are common and make no sense.... at all
Give this dark satirical and pessimistic anime a spin. You might find it as genious (literary wise) as I do, or you might find it really depressing. Let me know in the comments and tell me if you wanna hear more!
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Have you ever wondered what a decent live action re-make of an anime would look like? Sure we have the Dragonball Fail and The Last Shamalan Movie, but I'm talking about something that is at least passable. Death Note. I'll give you that. But really, it doesn't live up to it's original format. Well, perhaps the Ouran High School Host Club live action TV show has some hope.

The first episode of the live action came out around mid-to-late July with a flimsy rating of 1.1%. But really, the show does deserve more respect than it gets. It's time slot was around 1 AM, so naturally the ratings for any show would suck. But, if Ouran continued during prime-time... would it still have such a flimsy rating? My answer: No.

Living in my sheltered igloo I can honestly say I am not familiar with Japanese live action shows. The only one I've seen is, briefly, TENCHIJIN whilst on exchange a few years ago. Which is why I didn't touch Ouran until now. Due to my unfamiliarity with the genera, I found myself a little bit surprised upon watching Ouran. Ultimately it follows the original Ouran plot fairly well and I don't really have any problem with the characters and casting. Although the twenty year old man playing Hunny is a bit strange.

The show plays up to the anime's original craziness very well. While the effect and cinematography are either cheesy or reminiscent of a soap opera. The actor of Tamaki is able to pull off the flamboyant anime personality fairly well and the entire cast nearly lives up to their animated rolls. While you're not going to get an exact replica, you get a pretty decent cast and set of characters.

 (from left to right): The Twins, Tamaki, Mori, Hunny
 (from left to right): The Twins, Tamaki, Mori, Hunny

The humour itself is strange. 100% Japanese. And not the animated humour. Those Japanese love to be excessively expressive. Of course, this is only to expect from a pure Japanese creation. I did find myself laughing like an idiot, I wasn't sure if it was because it was so cheesy, or because that's exactly what the humour was going for. All I know was that it was hella entertaining. Great comedy I need to watch more of, or train wreak I can't look away from. Honestly I have no idea.
Come watching this live action rendition with low expectations and come out surprised. That's how I felt.

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fanfiction Pastiche for All Quiet On The Western Front. An English assignment that I’m strangely proud of. A letter from Paul to home after returning to the Front.


On the Western Front,

October 15 1917

Dear Sister,

How have you been? Has fall treated you well so far? It is cold here, but sometimes I feel it is more of a placebo than the truth. Winter will be freezing though. That is for certain. When the snow falls I hope at least you have the common sense to stay inside and keep your toes.

There is nothing I yearn for more than the musty sweet smell of paper between my fingertips. I never realized I could miss such a simple pleasure. I had forgotten what a real book smelled like, until I returned home. But now the lingering sent of the old and dry pages tug at my heartstrings. I would be lying if I told you I had missed the Front, but even still I would be sad to return home.

Every time I inhale through my nose all I can smell are rats and men. Overall, the trenches smell like the colour brown. The lice and rats seem to be a much more formidable force than the French themselves, but on a good day we are able to retaliate to some extent. Luckily our food remains unscathed. I guess even the rats are smart enough to stay from that.

I cannot help but regret returning home during my leave. I only wished to stay and start over again. I missed the sights, smells, and most of all you and Mother. But a part of me is glad that I am back on the Front. I find solstice being with familiar comrades. While I find such satisfaction, I do not find sleep. The shaking and screeching of the shells refuse to rest, like crickets on a summer day, save crickets are easily crushed in your hands while sometimes I feel powerless against the bombs.

Kat, Kropp, Muller, and Tjaden are all well. I feel more than lucky to reunite with these men. Tjaden is still discovering new ways to win smokes off of me. By the end of the week I expect to be stealing them back. Even still, these men are like my bothers and despite their flaws I could not ask for better friends. One of these days you will have to meet them. Perhaps not Leer, it might be best for a lady to stay at least twenty paces from him unless they’re searching for a man with a smutty mouth.

I hope to return home no sooner than promised, with not a single Wound Badge. And on that day I promise to provide for you and for Mother better than I have already.

Send cigarettes and socks.

Auf Wiedersehen,


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Yes, I admit it. Lately I've been a troll. I've made some promises that I couldn't keep about CTw/E. Yeah, I've been swamped with homework so it's been tough keeping my priorities in check. Anywho, thank you for watching and waiting, I hope this was worth the wait. Please send your Q&A as well as topic suggestions to me via PM, Youtube (in comments), here, Twitter (@superevil225), Tumblr (Twisted Sights) OR to me email:
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Oh... Hey AV home-dawgs. Or should I say duders? Meh, nuance. 
Anyways, as some of you know I like to write. As less of you may know, but still a few may know, I'm currently attempting to write a book.
At first I decided I'd jump into the writing and sort the story out from there. So, that's what I've been doing for the last few months. Finally I've got a solid group of characters and less of a doughnut plot. Now I'm at the faze where I restart the writing and work with this no-longer experimental plot.
Basically what I'm looking for is someone who A) I can get a long with, B) Can be brutally honest, yet helpful when critiquing my writing, and C) somebody who wont be creeped out by my rather.... twisted content.
I already have a close friend doing this for me, but let's face it, friends make awful beta-readers. I'm just hoping I could find somebody who's willing to read a bit of my work now and then and give me tips and advice. In return, I'd be willing to be your beta-reader if you would like.
I'm going to give a plot synopsis under the spoiler tag, just so you can decide whether or not you can handle the content of my writing.
The story contains violence, sexual content, swearing, and generically disturbing characters. If you want to know more, but don't wanna beta read just lemmie know I'd love to talk to you guys. :D

Mediocre description but it's complex otherwise. It would be cool if I could get a beta reader on AV, and if you're interested comment or send me a PM. :D
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