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Why the hell is Hollywood thinking? I mean come on! Get your heads straight! Don't ever take an anime and turn it into a live action film! Just look at Speed Racer... I think my eyes bled... 
Confused? Good. Let me explain... 
Akira is my all time favorite manga/anime movie, Death Note is also up there on my tops list. I love them to bits and I don't know if I could live with out them! (Exaggeration) 
Last night I was bored and began to look up at what was happening in the movie business. I wasn't expecting much until I looked on 'up coming movies'. 
I think I died... Inside and out. 
I'm never going to be the same. 
First off I saw in the December section "AKIRA: Live action film"... What is this tyranny! I thought! Anime should stay anime. Why? Because the things they do in anime is physically IMPOSSIBLE to do in real life. Humans cannot jump 10 feet into the air! Even if they are ninjas. Humans cannot jump onto a moving motorcycle and kick the driver in the face. It just isn't possible. It's bad enough that they're turning it into live action-ness but now they take one of the most american men ever and have him star in it. Yes, Leonardo DI Caprio is going to star in AKIRA the live action film. 
To make matters worse I saw "Death Note: The Live Action Film". The Japanese couldn't get it right so what makes Hollywood think they can do any better. Also Zac Efron is interested in playing Light's part... No explanation is needed to show my hate for this. 
Why? Why? Why is Hollywood so stupid!!!! 
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Sitting at home, watching some anime, wasting my life away as per usual I suddenly realized: Isn't it amazing? The concept of Rock Paper Scissors? I mean seriously. it's survival of the fittest turned into a simple game. Who ever thought of it though was really stupid because paper cannot beat rock. Honestly! How is it physically possible? Paper can't flip over and strangle rock! If it could then why aren't there millions of sheets of college ruled paper strangling kids at school?!?! Next time someone beats me with paper I'll take my clenched fist and punch them right between the eyes and say "Oops! I though your Paper would defend you!" 
Until next time!
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