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Jack Merridew. Yes. He is fab and it hurts. #LordOfTheFlies
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I’m doing a project in school about “what you’re at war with”. I chose to be at war with myself and to creatively express this, I’m doing a short comic about Jekyll and Hyde. Now I was wondering if my premise was too dark for grade 11 English. (Keep in mind, this year we’ve read Macbeth, Lord of the Flies, All Quiet on The Western Front, and Catcher in the Rye).

Basically what happens is Jekyll is going insane (like he does in the book), and he becomes schizophrenic and starts ‘seeing’ Hyde. Hyde is basically telling him to do horrible things and Jekyll tries to fight his pull.

In the end, the pain is too much for Jekyll and Poole (his butler) finds him with a bloody knife and cuts on his wrist.

Basically I made a fan-fic comic.

Now is this too dark for my Grade 11 English class? I really don’t want to get in trouble or have to go to the school councillor or anything. I just think this is a fantastic way to express a war of man vs self.

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And finally it's styled. This beauty is 110 cm long. A bitch to maintain but looks sweet. I've got the cosplay ready for the upcoming con, but I was too lazy to put it on. XD The trick to storing this one is twist ties and a plastic bag. Lots of TLC too. My hairbrush is full of blue and purple. I'm hoping to put up some of my Stocking photos after the con, and as well some of the Ciel photos from a recent Kuroshitsuji photoshoot.

And this is my Ciel wig:

How about you show me your favourite cosplay wig? (If you cosplay) :3

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Hey guys! Did you get that little GoT reference? Anywho, I've got an announcement I need to make...
I'm thinking that I need to take a break from RP'ing. I've been very busy lately and changing schools has been very stressful. I've gotten friends that want to hang out with me, and I've found someone who brought back my spirit to write my novel. RP'ing is taking me away from the writing I really want to do. I've got at least two mini series ideas and six book ideas plus a series. I love RP'ing with you guys, and I don't think I could really let the Vice go, but I'm having serious trouble keeping up. So, after ND's RPG I'm going to pull the cord on posting and work on my novel. But I'll still be present to run Ebisu in the name of Harumi, and I'll be around the Vice if you need to talk to me. I'll also be taking the occasional RP on a slow week or during the holidays. I also feel like it's my turn to... step down (?). I feel like my drive for RP'ing isn't really there anymore, and I think that it's time I took a break to focus on school, friends and my own personal writing.
If you'd like to start an RP with any of my characters during this break, please don't be afraid to send me a PM. I'll be running The Great Ebisu Snowball Fight, hopefully, as it will be a very casual RP, but I think that for now, I'm done with any serious RPGs. I promise I am going to finish up the last few RPGs I have, but I think that the quality of my RP'ing isn't there and I don't have the time and drive.
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This extremely intillegent OVA mystery series follows Hal and Kai as they take down drug cartel! Kinda sounds boring on paper, but this is one of my favourite anime, and by far in my top 10 manga. The manga is much better than the OVA, because you can't do much in an hour and there are a pile of SWITCH books, but the OVA picks out the important pieces here and there to construct a lovely peak into the lives of our narcotics detectives. Smart mysteries and insane characters. Definitely one of my favourites. Beware the cute ones and those with tattoos are obviously connected to some Japanese drug cartel. Well... that's at least what SWITCH told me.

What's your 4th favourite anime? Why? Have you seen SWITCH? What are your opinions?

Keep your eyes on the look out for #3 on Superevil's top 5 anime!

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I'm sorry, I just had to post this. Hiroshi Kamiya is my favourite seiyuu now. This is just golden. XD 
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