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Well, actually I love 18+ anime and manga. But here in Canada we have lots of rules for manga. Basically anything rated 18+ whether due to violence, nudity, or explicit sexual content is 'wrapped in plastic'. The term 'wrapped in plastic' means exactly how it sounds. The book is wrapped up in plastic so little kids don't open it up and read what's inside. Also, this allows store clerks to easily tell if the manga is suitable for the buyer to read. If you look 18+ you're good to go, but otherwise you can't get the manga. This pisses me off. I get it when the manga is yaoi, yuri or hentai because that falls under Canada's pornography laws. But I can go see an 18A movie all by myself, but not purchase a work of art. Furthermore, they don't really read the manga that they're wrapping in plastic, so they have no idea how inappropriate it actually is. I was in the book store and I noticed titles such as Akira, Ghost in The Shell, and a few serious hentai manga were not wrapped in plastic. But titles such as DOGS, Black Lagoon, Deadpool (comic book) and Code Geass were. 
Why the hell is Code Geass wrapped up when Akira isn't? It's actually really frustrating. They just assume that the majority of manga is 18+ by the cover, or rating on the back. As well, the fact that it's restricted is really annoying. I may not act like it online, but I am very mature. I'm not going to read DOGS and suddenly decide: "Hay! Let's f*ck sh*t up!" and start shooting people with my gun. There are people my age (16) and younger that actually can handle 18+ material.
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