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Lilith has been known as Kali, Coatlique, Nebthet and hundreds of other names long forgotten. Trapping people in their worst nightmares she allows their fears to lead them to their demise. Extremely skilled with all weapons she has no fear of getting her hands dirty.

In the most recent years Suicide Blonde has taken to working in hospitals and other healing establishments. Working as a nurse gives her access to the dead and dying allowing for an easy way to continue her existence.


A breathtaking blonde sat in a chair tenderly holding the hand of the sleeping man in the hospital bed. Machines clicked and whirred around his damaged body. Her cool blue eyes gazing at his battered face with a look that could be mistaken for love. Smiling slightly she closed her eyes as the unconscious man tossed and whimpered in his bed. A look of ecstasy came to her face as the mans agonized cries grew louder and filled the room.

With a sudden gasp he sat upward his eyes wide open in terror, she looked at him with cruel desire as he fell backwards breathing his last breath. Gracefully rising from her chair she leaned over the dead man and kissed him softly on his forehead. The soft glow surrounding her faded as a distracted looking doctor burst into the room.

"Nurse, what happened here?" he demanded of her.

"I am so sorry Doctor Barnes, I could not save him. His injuries were too severe." Looking at the ground sadly she replied, "I did everything I could."

The doctor approached the pretty young woman and patted her shoulder consolingly. As he left the room the sad smile on her face turned to one of victorious delight. Leaving the room she walked down the crowded corridors, those she passed tossed in their sleep looks of terror crossing their once peaceful faces.

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Date Joined: Dec. 4, 2008
Gender: Female
Alignment: Evil
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #4469 of 46,011
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