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Hi everybody!

Before I get to the main point of the blog, I'd just like to introduce myself a bit. I've had a bit of exposure to anime previously in my life in the form of Pokemon, DBZ, and Escaflowne (all of which when I was rather young-about 5 or 6). However, I've been drawn back towards them to the point of sitting on the fence-but, starting today, I've officially started watching anime and tuned into Casshern: Sins (which I'm going crazy over. I never saw the original, but this stuff rules). In other forms of entertainment (mainly videogames) I've been a big fan of mechs/giant robots.

So, I'm just wondering if you guys have any suggestions on anime series in the line of mechas. I'm looking for something fairly serious, and somewhat-not-insane (pretty hard considering it's giant robots, but what I mean is that the main characters aren't totally nuts/ridiculous and that the content of the series isn't crazy sex and blood). I probably wouldn't like it if it's a old anime, since....well, since I can't really watch pre-90s anime (I dunno if that makes me a animation junky or not, but I tried watching some old Robotech and I couldn't get into it). Voice acting doesn't matter too much since I'll probably be watching the subbed version.

Thanks for your time, and I appreciate any responses. I'll reply to any comments on this tomorrow.
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