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just picked up psyren volume one
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 Always liked action figures when i was a kid. I had like dozens of the teenage mutant ninja turtles figures. But when i got older I stopped bying new ones. Recently I visited a friiend who is really into anime (like myself) and he has an amazing collection of anime related figures. He took me to a few anime conventions and I decided to start a little figure collection of my own.
So here are my first few figures of what i hope will be a big collection someday. 
First up a little piccolo figure
Special beam cannon!!!!
Special beam cannon!!!!
Next are bigger ones. I havent unboxed them yet cause i need to clean up my room a bit before I can display them.

A ssj3 goku figure. Really liked this one
 Max muscle mania
 Max muscle mania

A ssj future trunks figure.
SSJ trunks
SSJ trunks

And last but not least a Luffy figure
Captain of the straw hat pirates
Captain of the straw hat pirates

Banpresto really makes some good looking figures. I intend to search for some more dragonball/one piece figures. Really want a bigger piccolo an a Zoro.  These  figures arent even that expensive the little piccolo was 3 euros the bigger ones ranged from 15 to 20 euros
 But also saw some nice looking code geass figures. Also saw some epic looking gundams and knightmares I might be intrested in. I'll keep you guys posted
Thats all for now. I'll post some pics off the figures when they are displayed.
Ciao for now!
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