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Top 10 most funny characters in Beelzebub
Am I funny?
Am I funny?
1. Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

Baby on top of oga

2. Oga Tatsumi

Main character and most reasonable (I mean not) character.

3. Furuichi Takayuki

Charming prince and slave of baby Beel

4. Bathym de Alaindelon

I am lover of Furuichi.

5. Hidetora Toujou

Brave and stupid.

6. Kanzaki Hajime

What am I doin here?

7. Himekawa Tatsuya

my hair is cool.

8. Hildagarde

My master is my prince.

9. Aoi Kunieda

Oga is mine.

10. Nene Omori

Protect Aoi.

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