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I would get to the point first:It is about timeskip on anime.All popular anime have a good way of presenting their timeskip.

  • One piece:It is the longest anime ever that people always say.This show has got some creativity and adventurous.It had got a huge reputation for it' s timeskip.
  • Naruto:It is one of the coolest anime to be watched and sure to get the point it has the worst timeskip ever.
  • Fairy Tail:The anime derieved from One piece and other popular anime.Well the timeskip is not known yet, but maybe I will say about this series afterwards.
"A timeskip is a narrative device that is commonly used in the telling of epics or sagas. It allows the storyteller to quickly age characters or develop events without getting slowed down in irrelevant or uninteresting details."

Don't You think all popular anime use one formula to suceed or promote their series??

I will get my ass kicked seeing same formula used by all popular anime.

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