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Can you imagine FT being weak guild in Magnolia?Can you think macao being 4th guild master?Can u imagine guild without Natsu& co?

Yet, it happens.In this episode it is revealed that Fairy tail is the weakest guild and it' s members are being exploited by a current strongest guild named twilight ogre.Some members of Twilight ogre tend to destroy the equipments in the guild, while FT is weak to fight against them.This episode takes you to the fine trip of Fairy tail guild after 7 years.Much has been changed since seven years.When fairy tail guild members receive news about the existece of tenroujima, they go to find out if it is true or not.To their greatest surprise they see mavis, the first guild master and find out about Natus & co. being alive.

Good & Bad


  • The episode entertains you from seven years of timeskip.
  • Mavis existence standing on the ocean waiting for Guild members to find Natsu & co. is real interesting fact
  • The return of Fairy tail strongest guild members tends to be one of the coolest aspects in this episode.
  • The fact that acnologia destroyed the whole country is revealed.


  • The lost members of FT don' t grow and remain at the same age.I wonder what they can say about their age.
  • The anime must have added some fillers because it does not excite u from the fact that FT lost some members in last episode(episode 122) and return back in episode 123.
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