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Lucy has been getting involved to be the main character of Story Arcs in FT after timeskip.The episode introduces Michelle Lobster, who is distant relative of Lucy Heartfillia.Michelle bring a case along with her, which is later revealed that Jude Heartfillia wanted Lucy to have it.Michelle involves herself as one of the FT guild member.Meanwhile, Macao Conbolt investigates on Michelle feeling something strange about her.

Michelle requests to go along with Lucy and her friends to catch a group of Bandits, so she gets to know about wizards.She helps Team Natsu to fight Bandits a much as possible.Later, she along with Lucy have a tea break in which she suggests to investigate about her Father' s memento.Lucy goes to guild to request to investigate about her Father' s last memento.The memento of Jude Heartfillia suddenly slips from lucy' s hand and it shows a ancient script written on it.Makarov says to lucy to forget about her father' s last memnto.


  • Michelle is introduced.She is interesting but boring too.
  • Lucy' s father' s memento remains mystery.
  • Macao identifies something strange with Michelle.
  • FT is having a good filler episode, which do not affect the storyline.


  • Slow pace of storyline.
  • Lucy is being shown too weak to fight Bandits.
  • Bandits are not men, though phisically they are.
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Can you imagine FT being weak guild in Magnolia?Can you think macao being 4th guild master?Can u imagine guild without Natsu& co?

Yet, it happens.In this episode it is revealed that Fairy tail is the weakest guild and it' s members are being exploited by a current strongest guild named twilight ogre.Some members of Twilight ogre tend to destroy the equipments in the guild, while FT is weak to fight against them.This episode takes you to the fine trip of Fairy tail guild after 7 years.Much has been changed since seven years.When fairy tail guild members receive news about the existece of tenroujima, they go to find out if it is true or not.To their greatest surprise they see mavis, the first guild master and find out about Natus & co. being alive.

Good & Bad


  • The episode entertains you from seven years of timeskip.
  • Mavis existence standing on the ocean waiting for Guild members to find Natsu & co. is real interesting fact
  • The return of Fairy tail strongest guild members tends to be one of the coolest aspects in this episode.
  • The fact that acnologia destroyed the whole country is revealed.


  • The lost members of FT don' t grow and remain at the same age.I wonder what they can say about their age.
  • The anime must have added some fillers because it does not excite u from the fact that FT lost some members in last episode(episode 122) and return back in episode 123.
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He can fight?!!
He can fight?!!

Bringing back the original Ishiyama school into play was definitely a welcome turn of events in the previous episode. While the academy they’ve been housed in for half the shows run at this point has had its fun, it’s definitely overstayed its welcome when you get down to it. There were some fun elements brought in at times but largely it’s kind of felt empty for a bit, especially with how it seemingly dealt rather quickly with the 5 Holy Knights subplot. Of course, with the new school having finished being constructed, the gang arrives to check it out only to discover that it’s been designed to house the 34th Pillars Division as an effort to educate them and Lord En on humanity before they wipe out said humanity.

Bringing Behemoth’s group into play in the last episode and setting them up here certainly had its fun as we got see them deal with one of the teachers, nearly putting him to tears with how they handle themselves. With this episode, it’s time to let them run a bit wild in the elegant hallways that are now the mainstays of this formerly rundown and old school. For the kids, they intend to take their school back no matter the cost, which makes a lot of sense with what we’ve seen of them before. Though the school was a dump, they had their own sense of pride and ownership about it that was fun to see. Now that it’s back and others are occupying it, they’ll be the ones to take it back. And with it being a bit of a match set by those several leagues above them in power with Behemoth staking out a claim, it plays things big in a pretty fun way.

The fighting doesn’t get to be a big part of events here for a lot of it, but there is some strong grandstanding going on, especially with Lord En as he tries to show that he’s taking over the student body. Where the real fun for me was with it is with Behemoth and the massive dragon that he brings into play with his group, first taking down Hilda and seemingly Oga and then from there as Oga fights back. Oga’s been pretty marginalized for awhile now so getting him to drink the milk here with Beel and really have a chance to step up and fight is great to see. The fight itself is fun, but I really found myself appreciating the quiet moment that Oga and Hilda have in the midst of it all as it was pretty unexpected and says a lot about both of them when you get down to it.

Good And Bad


  • some of the things that came up during there are well utilized as the old school re-opens and there’s some twists to be had with it all, especially with what Behemoth brings to the table and the plans that are being put into effect.
  • The secondary story with Lord En and Aoi is cute and fun, but the real winner here continues to be that of Oga, Beel and Hilda as what they go through is spot on throughout.


  • Beelzebub has had a lot of fun standalone episodes recently between the main arcs and while some fans disliked those filler bits, they left me smiling a lot. The main arcs at the new academy they’ve been at for awhile now haven’t really thrilled me but I’ve liked the characters.
  • The ending will never please you because it shows that Oga and baby beel die together.

Note: I am not sure if Episode 60 is the last of episodes of Beelzebub.The preview might show up some information about the series ending.

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"Let us have a meat together!?"


One Piece 538 -Franky with his captain
One Piece 538 -Franky with his captain

One Piece has been slowly but surely bringing the various elements together since coming to the Fishe-men island and the undersea realm, but it’s taken its time in really becoming engaging. The new attack by Hordy, after sending in the humans to soften things up against Ryugu Palace, has now brought us to a decent fight as we get to see Zoro going up against Hordy. We got a nice tease of it before but it just made you want even more. And now, with the fish-men getting all buffed out in order to deal with the royal army, the scale of the battle builds up well. But there’s such an intensity and madness about those involved that it feels like things are being manipulated in a bigger way.

One Piece 538 -I hate him,
One Piece 538 -I hate him,

The battle takes some surprising turns early on, but it wants to keep its focus squarely on the fight between Neptune and Hordy. While Hordy may be a pint sized guy in terms of actual size, there are some things that Hordy has up his sleeve that lets him put a slowdown on Neptune’s escape, which was also needed in order to save the couple of Straw Hats that are still with him. The scale of the fight has been clear for a bit now once we saw Decken getting in line with Hordy and the way they made their initial push against the palace, but now things are becoming even more deadly and problematic. You expected things to go poorly and not be resolved quickly, but Hordy is making a very strong and confident push in dealing with his foes.

While there is a lot of big action here within the palace, the show also goes for some quieter material as well as Luffy makes it to the ship with the group he’s with now and discovers that Jimbei is there as well. And you really have to feel bad for Jimbei when he realizes that Luffy’s come with the princess no less. His eyes bug out so big it’s positively hysterical. It’s a welcome bit of levity overall, including even Sanji being all enamored of the princess, which still feels more over the top than it has in seasons past. It’s not all levity though as it starts to hit some of what’s going on in general in the area, but for the most part it’s just fun to see how out of the loop Jimbei suddenly feels even as events start to get out of control.

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Madara fights back
Madara fights back

With some of the back story explored a little bit in the previous episode in regards to what happened between Pain and Naruto awhile back that Konan was involved with, the arrival of Madara to deal with her in the present and what she did after Pain's death has them going at it pretty hard. While Konan has had interesting moments earlier in this series run, she has gotten quite a notch up in the visual realm this time around with her Sacred Paper jutsu as it's very impressive in its design and expression here as the two go toe to toe with Madara even admitting that things were close to getting really nasty between them. But as intense as she is, she'sfighting with passion and is blinded to things, going more for belief in what happened than the truth with what happened in the fight. And that turns deadly for her.

The fight between the two is definitely impressive overall as it goes on, giving it the right kind of scale and intensity that shows both of them just how much they can accomplish. But there are some wonderful quiet moments in between that deals with Madara more specifically as he deals with the things from his own past and what happened to them. It's a certain kind of quiet beauty to it as he deals with the bodies of the dead as they lay surrounded by the white flowers, and it's almost something that you don't quite expect of Madara. So much of what we've seen of him has either been skulking around as he works his various plans or more direct action. Giving him the chance to show some slivers of emotion like this that you wouldn't quite expect humanizes him in an interesting way.

Unfortunately, while it may be cute and fun in its own way, the flashback material that goes back to when Konan was younger and undergoing training with a few other shinobi just feels very out of place. It's not a surprise to get some story elements thrown in that deals with her past now that thing are going towards the end game for her, but it's the kind of method that's used almost awkwardly here since it has all of them dressed up in frog suits to make the point. You can get it as it was done and why, both in the past and why to bring it in now, but it really felt like it through of the dynamic here. It's good to see her when she was working in her training with Jiraiya along with Nagato and Yahiko, and to have some lightness to it, but it's like they took it to a more than comical length than it needed to be.

Naruto has some good material here as it deals with one of the background stories that has been going on for awhile with it focusing on Madara. Often you don't get subplots like this or background material showing up on its own without the leads of the series being involved, such as the usual villain going on about how awesome they are. Shippuden knows it has to spend time letting the other side tell its tale so that they're less cardboard constructs and more real players in the game and episodes like this works it well. Konan was a character that I only really got to know during the attacked on the Hidden Leaf Village with Nagato so getting to see more of her here, seeing her fleshed out more as well, really went a long way to not only make this arc a good one but also to enhance my view of what has come before. Good stuff and definitely solid building for more of what's to come.

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