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Once again Gintama proves that it's the best fucking anime comedy . . . period .. .
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So for some reason, I've been feeling motivated to start drawing again (specifically drawing anime). As such, I'm going to attempt to do at least one drawing a week. Since it's been a long time since I've drawn on a regular basis (basically it was back in my senior high school art class, which was about  six years ago), these will probably bee rougher than I would prefer, but hey this is a work in progress. Hopefully, I'll start regaining some of my previous abilities as we progress. Anyway, this week, I figure I'd start off with some basic contour art. No shading for now since I'm lazy and tired (it took me long enough just to do the outline). I'll probably do that next week. :P  
Link to large image.
And to give you an idea of the type of art I've done before. Here are some of the stuff I did back in high school:  

Hopefully, I can keep to my one drawing a week schedule I've made for myself. Anyway, next week: shading! (exciting, isn't it?)    
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