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Once again Gintama proves that it's the best fucking anime comedy . . . period .. .
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Best Anime of 2007
Only anime that finished airing or aired a large portion in 2007 count. This is not really in order except for #1.
1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

That's right Code Geass is my pick for the best anime of 2007. This was a very tough decision. 2007 was a great year for anime. Dennou Coil and Toward the Terra both set new bars in their respective genres. Gurren Lagann surprised us with some of the most incredible action sequences ever and Oh! Edo Rocket came out of left field swinging hard. But it was Code Geass with it's superb character development, engaging storyline and excellent action set pieces that gave it the edge over the others. Also no anime of the year had me waiting with so much anticipation to watch the next episode as Code Geass, which is no small feat. Also wins Best Trainwreck, Best Bromance, Best Use of Pizza, Best Cliffhanger

2. Gurren Lagann

2007 was not a exactly a year filled with top of the line action anime but there were definitely some great standouts. But Gurren Lagann definitely rose above them all. It's action-packed from start to finish with some of the most ridiculously over the top and outrageous action sequences I've seen yet, not to mention a ridiculously awesome end battle. Also wins: Best Action, Best Soundtrack, Best GAR (tie), Most Unexpectedly Good Anime

3. Minami-ke

This slice of life comedy came out of nowhere and is one of the most laugh out loud funny comedies I've ever seen. Better than Lucky Star IMO comedy wise. Of course comedy is a very subjective field but while Lucky Star certainly had some of the smartest comedy around it may not appeal to those who do not have an extensive knowledge or exposure to anime/otaku culture. Wheras Minami-Ke will probably be funny for even the casual anime fans. Also wins: Best Opening Theme, Best Comedy, Best GAR (tie), Best Imouto

4. Death Note

What can I say about Death Note, other than it's a suspenseful, action packed, cerebral experience from start to finish. Light and L is one of the best protagonist/antagonists pairings of all time. The series lost some momentum toward the middle but still finished up strong at the end. Also wins: Best Protagonist, Best Antagonist, Best Use of Notebooks, Best DVD Release

5. Lucky Star

Lucky Star is KAWAII! But seriously, Lucky Star is one of the best comedies I've seen in a long time. What's impressive about is that it doesn't accomplish this through slap stick or sight gags, but rather almost entirely through dialogue. It's also one of the harder anime for newer fans to penetrate as much of the comedy relies on anime and Japanese cultural references. It's "lazy" pacing and lack of any real meaningful plot many also put some off but it's hard not for me not to love this show. Also Hirano Aya is in it, so 'nuff said. Also wins: Best Use of Moe, Best Female Otaku, Best Adaptation, Best Studio (KyoAni)

6. Dennou Coil

Not a great year for dramas but Dennou Coil stands out as the best anime that isn't really a part of any of the other genres. A mixture of sci-fi, drama and mystery, it's difficult to describe exactly what makes the series so good other than the immersive atmosphere and interesting characters who we see grow as the series progresses. Also wins: Best Drama

7. 5 Centimeters Per Second

Has without a doubt the best animation I've seen in years. Okay so it's not fair to compare a feature film with television series when talking about animation quality but Byousoku 5 Centimeters is just so technically and artistically impressive that it definitely deserved this award. The falling of the cherry blossoms alone was absolutely gorgeous and worth the price of admission. And well the stories themselves aren't bad either. Also wins: Best Animation, Best Artwork

8. Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile is a surprisingly enjoyable mixture of comedy, drama, romance, and classical music that stands out as one of the most enjoyable shoujo series I've ever seen. A great cast of characters and a cohesive storyline is more of less typical of any shoujo series, but the focus is here isn't necessarily on romance but on the the enjoyment of music. Also, Nodame's Gyaboo is epic. Also wins: Best Use of Music, Best Characters, Best Ending Theme

9. Darker than BLACK

Darker than BLACK is BONES being BONES. This is one of the best action series of the year that also has a relatively intriguing premise, though a somewhat incoherant storyline. Still, this is arguably one of the best looking anime TV series of the year and worthy of a top ten spot. Also Wins: n/a

10. Kanon (2006)

Following the excellent Air, KyoAni's next Key joint is another superb adaptation. Key excels at creating tear-jerking moments that tug at our heart and Kanon is no exception. It's visual excellence combined with powerful storytelling results in one of the best romance dramas of the year, and also one of the most memorable anime in recent memory. Also wins: Best Story, Best Romance, Best Studio (KyoAni)

vergiliuson Oct. 5, 2010 at 2:15 a.m.
What an amazing year for anime--Death Note and Gurren Lagann are in my top 5 ever, and Code Geass is certainly in my top 10.  And Lucky Star as well--that show has become sort of the centerpiece of modern anime fandom, for better or for worse.  Woulda said it was Haruhi, but by all accounts the second season was a disappointment.
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