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Hopes everyones having a great Christmas, This years good except for some of my Manga coming late....and by late I mean January 14th at the earliest >_<
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I just finished the final episode of Elfen Lied, and I know I posted another blog post when I was a few episodes in (I must also say thanks for letting it get the front page aswell :D) , but I must say I take most of it back. After the inital violent episodes a story begins to assemble through flashbacks and they really make you understand where the characters are coming from. I found the OVA (Episode 10.5) to be pretty important aswell, as it shows just how Lucy was captured and also explains why Lucy never kills Kurama as she intends to "take away everything he ever loved" as he did to her. This show really changed my view on it though, I initally thought that it was simply going to be mindless violence and gore. But after the flashbacks explained all I really changed my opinion and though the story was actually pretty good.  
On the final episode I thought the conclusion was quite the cliffhanger. I remember when I watched End of Evangelion, and how it kills off almost all the characters and I really didn't like it. As I had spent the time getting to know and understand these characters and they all seem to get killed off one by one. I thought this was exactly how Elfen Lied was going to end. So I didn't set my standards too high but I must say it suprised me yet again. It contained a lot of plot twists, like how Mariko was Kurama's daughter and not Nana, who it leads you to think is his daughter. I found their renuniun to be quite bittersweet and how they both died together.  
One thing I didn't understand that possibly someone who looked deeper into it than me could possibly explain. What was the relevance of showing that the director was a Diclonius himself to the scientist who kept asking to take a bath (I really can't recall her name) I didn't really view it as necessary or important to reveal, as they didn't really build on that. They stated it randomly in the episode and flipped to the next scene, leaving me for one partially confused about the point of it all. The other main cliffhanger was if Lucy survived the gunfire from the security team aswell and if that was meant to be her at the door at the end. I was wondering myself if it was actually Nyu, but I wasn't sure if Lucy still had her split personality or not so I wasn't too sure, then I remembered she said to the badly beaten Bando he'd never see her again and knowing his nature he probably wouldn't stop. So I thought it may have been her intention to die in the hail of gunfire all along. I also liked the way the grandfather clock starting working in the end as the music box stopped and how Nana actually came back to the household to continue living there because it almost brings the series full circle again, saying everythings gone back to normal. Except knowing the director dude, he probably won't stop looking for more diclonius, and with people like Bando infected still in the end anythings possible I guess. 
 Well thats my speculation done but I don't know, maybe I looked a little too far into that ending, but I'm guessing the manga keeps on going, so I may have to check that out sometime aswell :D

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Right, recently I've watched a couple of episodes of Elfen Lied and I must say it is a very weird show. At one point it'll be like all cutesy then it can switch right to Lucy ripping people up. I know its meant to be when she shifts personalitys and when she hits her head (I'm assuming the sniper bullet made her shizophrenic or something?) The show is extremely gory aswell, on that second episode when she rips the dude's arm off, breaks his other one and blinds him. That was pretty rough, I still watched on though because I was somewhat amazed and yet weirded out by the fact an anime like this existed (Before this the bloodiest anime I'd seen was Hellsing I'd say, but Elifen Lieds in another league entirely) Yet this anime will go from some random fanservicey/comedy show to the opposite end of the spectrum and become incredibly violent. Its weird yet at the same time a small part of me seems satisfyed. I may have to finish it first though, I'm only about 3 episodes in, and from the preview its already told me the next episode has a fight and the chick that isn't Lucy gets her fingers sliced off (Sorta gives away the ending >_<)
But that did get me thinking, is gore in an anime better? I mean I've never really watched a show that depends on its gore factor entirely but some shows do overuse gore at times.  
Feel free to add your opinions to this with examples and such if you can think of any, because I can't really at this current moment in time either XD
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Hey guys, I've decided to start up a lil blog to post opinions on animes/mangas and such and also to be able to voice my opinions and hear other people's view's and opinions and stuff, so hopefully it'll take off and be awesome ^_^ 
Well to put things into motion, I just finished Code Geass and found it to be a rather enjoyable anime, I watched both R1 and R2 in about two weeks and they both seemed to take priority over my other animes. I put away animes I've almost finished (Soul Eater for example) and simply had to finish it, I did the same with Death Note so I guess it just goes to show what a good anime can do to me. 
I'm not 100% sure which I think I liked most though, I preferred Lelouch's identity as Zero and how he maintained his cover and a normal school boy and the leader of a terrorist faction and staying friends with Suzaku in R1. But I preferred the tactics and elements of combat that were shown in R2 and that ending, well whats can I say? It was nothing short of epic. Showing how Lelouch wasn't a tyrant but instead sacrificed himself for the good of everyone else- and how he made his executioner be Suzaku himself. It was tragic to watch, but at the same time fufilling and interesting. I found myself constantly guessing what Lelouch would do in both series' and amazed by his plans time after time though. I also learnt this animes valuable rule, whenever you think someone dies....they haven't and will be back! Unless they die onscreen in a "Theres 100% NO WAY they could survive that!" moment. Well they even survive those sometimes I guess..... 
Well they're my thoughts on the anime and a nice little introduction to my blogging days. If you want to share your opinions with me feel free, you'll know where I am ^_^
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