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Hopes everyones having a great Christmas, This years good except for some of my Manga coming late....and by late I mean January 14th at the earliest >_<
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Hey guys, I've decided to start up a lil blog to post opinions on animes/mangas and such and also to be able to voice my opinions and hear other people's view's and opinions and stuff, so hopefully it'll take off and be awesome ^_^ 
Well to put things into motion, I just finished Code Geass and found it to be a rather enjoyable anime, I watched both R1 and R2 in about two weeks and they both seemed to take priority over my other animes. I put away animes I've almost finished (Soul Eater for example) and simply had to finish it, I did the same with Death Note so I guess it just goes to show what a good anime can do to me. 
I'm not 100% sure which I think I liked most though, I preferred Lelouch's identity as Zero and how he maintained his cover and a normal school boy and the leader of a terrorist faction and staying friends with Suzaku in R1. But I preferred the tactics and elements of combat that were shown in R2 and that ending, well whats can I say? It was nothing short of epic. Showing how Lelouch wasn't a tyrant but instead sacrificed himself for the good of everyone else- and how he made his executioner be Suzaku himself. It was tragic to watch, but at the same time fufilling and interesting. I found myself constantly guessing what Lelouch would do in both series' and amazed by his plans time after time though. I also learnt this animes valuable rule, whenever you think someone dies....they haven't and will be back! Unless they die onscreen in a "Theres 100% NO WAY they could survive that!" moment. Well they even survive those sometimes I guess..... 
Well they're my thoughts on the anime and a nice little introduction to my blogging days. If you want to share your opinions with me feel free, you'll know where I am ^_^
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