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My Spring 2010 List
A list of all the shows I plan on at least watching 1 episode. Ordered by my most interested shows to the least.
1. Arakawa Under the Bridge

I'm a huge SHAFT fan so I have to watch anything that they make. I also really enjoy series that try to be different.

2. Angel Beats!

The only reason I'm watching this is because of my love for Clannad and Kanon. The premise doesn't interest me much, but I hope it will be interesting and as emotional as their previous works.

3. Mayoi Neko Overrun!

I've really enjoyed the Manga. It's your typical harem bullshit but is funny enough and the characters are all really likable. Will probably watch the entire series.

4. Kiss×Sis

I've really enjoyed the manga and the OVA's. As long as it is not overly censored I will watch it.

5. The Tatami Galaxy

I really enjoyed the weird art style from the trailer. I hope this one turns out to be good

6. K-On!

Watched the first season and enjoyed it. My only worry is that i'll get bored of the moe crap halfway through and never care to watch this series again. Also a second season is way too soon, I would have preferred another season of Lucky Star.

7. House of Five Leaves

I'm really digging the art style of this series. Will watch the first couple of episodes

8. Wagnaria!!

Seems OK, I like the idea of insane characters and A-1 pictures has done some pretty good work in the past

9. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Maids don't really do it for me, but it could be fun.

10. B Gata H Kei Yamada’s First Time

This show seems really stupid. I'll watch the first episode and probably not like it.

11. Giant Killing

I'm not really into sports anime but this series seems like it could be fun. Will watch the first couple of episodes

12. Rainbow Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

Premise seems interesting enough to watch at least the first couple of episodes

13. Shoka

Don't really know much about this series but the art style looks really interesting.


Bones and Stan-Lee are enough to merit at least watching the first few episodes

15. Ookiku Furikabutte Summer Tournament Edition

Watched the first season thought it was OK, will probably end up watching this one.

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