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Look at that ass!
Look at that ass!

Ok guys, or girls. I have a question for you. Which anime girl do you want? It could be for any reason. Maybe you like her personality. Maybe you like what she does (be it good or bad). Hell, maybe you think she's hot and just want a good ol' one night stand. My choice is going to be a woman that I'm into because of my current lifestyle and way of thinking. I'm sure my taste in anime women will change as I discover more characters and get older. But enought of my blabbering; let's get to the good stuff! 
My choice is Revy of Black Lagoon. One could say she is damaged goods as she had a tough life growing up on the streets fending for herself and having to either kill or be killed just to eat. I learned more from The Second Barrage that she does have a soft side and can just chill but she is as woman of action down to the bone (and I like that). Despite not having a whole lot in common with Revy I like her because she doesn't take any shit, is decisive, is good with her hands (come on guys, she's Two Hands, duh!), and she is just straight up hot with her body and tat and hair. Not to mention that devilish smile. Her smoking and drinking doesn't bother me but I'd be sure not to cheat on her since she sometimes gets into a trance and causes mass mayhem. She lives a simple life just trying to make a living; she just happens to like guns. And her friends are pretty good people and seem like fun company. I'm sure she likes to get down and dirty as she is quite the bitch but I've grown to appreciate her other qualities. 
Those are my thoughts. What do you Anime Vicers got?

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