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This is what I have to say Bandai!
This is what I have to say Bandai!

Despite the title this has nothing to do with the content or quality of anime. Actually I'll say one thing that pisses me off about some anime: some, mostly harems, have the most general ending in the world where everyone is happy but no individual relationship advances or nothing is really explained as to why one thing is this way and why one is another. Now, on to my main point.. 
What pisses me off is the anime business (industry). I'll use Code Geass as my example as it pisses me off most of all. Code Geass ran on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim from April 2008 to June 2009. It's been a year since then and there are still only volume sets and Special Editions available to buy. There has yet to still be a boxset of even the first season! How damn long do we have to wait for something as simple as that? We should not have to wait over a year after all the volumes are out to be able to buy our favorite anime in a boxset.

The second thing that pisses me off is the price of anime. Now, I did just buy the Viridian Collection of Speed Grapher brand new on eBay for $17.99 but I'm pointing to the retail prices set by the distributors and retailers. Anime boxsets are just as expensive (or more) as regular tv show boxsets. Blu-Rays are pretty high priced as well but since FUNimation is the only company producing them it's to be expected. Let alone some anime have become almost impossible to come across (Girls Bravo, Tenchi Muyo, FLCL, and many others). I did find the Girls Bravo boxset on eBay for way under retail and was elated. FLCL is priced very high as well if you can find it. Some of this makes me think there would be money to be made if companies remastered old titles and re-released them. 
Something that used to piss me off but now just annoys me is the time it takes to dub an anime. Ever since I visited FUNimation's headquarters in Flower Mound, TX I have a new understanding for all that needs to be done (and yes, there is a lot). But nevertheless I would like for the dubbing process to be cut down to one year (that being from acquiring the license to releasing on DVD/Blu-Ray). This may very well be impossible with how many titles companies pick up today but it would be very pleasing for fans to know that waiting is no longer a grueling must.

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