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 has a top article stating the full list of Golden Globe nominees. You can see the full list here. As many of you know, FUNimation applied for a Best Animated Film nod in the 83rd Academy Awards with the animated hit Summer Wars. 16 applicants are needed for 5 to be nominated and if less than that apply then only 3 will be considered. As of November 21, 15 films had been accepted for consideration and you can find that list here. As an anime fan, along with the rest of the AV community and beyond, anime could use a better public image and Summer Wars is surely to help. A nomination would also give FUNimation and Madhouse Studios a good American boost. Directed by Mamoru Hosoda (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) and written by Satoko Okudera, the Warner Bros. Japan movie has had fans worldwide raving-especially on the web. FoxxFireArt gave you a breakdown and full detail about the US dates here in his blog. 

Now, we all know the Golden Globes and Academy Awards are big deals and the committees have started being more favorable to foreign films in recent years but we could use a 4th win with Summer Wars. Though FUNi did not shoot for the Golden Globes, here are the final noms for Best Animated Film: Tangled, Toy Story 3, How To Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me, and The Illusionist. Personally, I have only seen How To Train Your Dragon and thought it was great. Tangled and Despicable Me look good and a lot of people liked Toy Story 3 but I had never heard of The Illusionist until I saw the nominee list. The competition is stiff this year especially as these same films are going for an Oscar nod as well. Summer Wars still has over a month before the list of Academy Awards nominees is announced so though I have not seen the film yet I encourage those who are in the areas where the film is screened to go watch it.

Let's give this internet-sting bad boy a shot at American gold!
Let's give this internet-sting bad boy a shot at American gold!

Keep you heads up anime fans and one day we and our eccentric hobby/job will get the recognition we deserve in other coutries than Japan.

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