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Well since my last blog was about the new and amazing guilty pleasure hit Highschool of the Dead (found here) I'll let you guys in on other anime I've been checking out. I'll go in alphabetical order to keep it simple (not like there are many titles with these letters). 
First off is Vampire Knight. You can download the first episode (dubbed) for free on iTunes. I've currently gotten about 5 eps in and I can see a few directions for th

This guy..
This guy..

e story to go and none of them are exactly pretty. The concept is interesting enough with the mixing of vampires and humans while most humans do not know vampires even exist. The whole Night and Day Class thing is a cheap cover-up but it doesn't seem this series is supposed to make the viewer think. I do like the female lead as she is cute and acts tough but is really super caring and fragile. Zero (only name I can remember) I'm just not sure about since he's now a vampire (strange how only pure bloods can turn humans). I can see him surviving but count it just as likely he is offed. The pure blood the girl likes is a mystery to me. I don't know what he plans to do from scene to scene and it's irritating. Besides, I'd be like that guy who was the only one going after the female vampires. He must have the same thought as me that those women just have to know how to suck. I enjoy the animation as well so I think I'll at least watch the first season and decide what to do from there. 
Secondly is Witchblade. I've been tempted to watch this anime for a while now but just never got in the mood. I'm also around 5 eps in on this one. I haven't seen an anime with a story quite like this so it's peaked my interest. It's definitely different since there is a mother and daughter on the run. Not like they are doing any harm but child services says the opposite. I figured from the start that there had to be something up with the organization. And hell, the old man uses his daughters just to reclaim the Witchblade! He

Definition of hotness.
Definition of hotness.

doesn't care about them at all. The Witchblade itself is cool as it converts from a bracelet to full-body armor. But just what makes the Witchblade so special and only usable by women? Obviously the company the woman works for is up to something as well..and I can see her falling for the photographer. The animation is pretty good, too. Along with that the chick is hot and even hotter using the Witchblade. Speaking of her using it, it looks almost every time she transforms that she has a bush instead of part of the Witchblade's armor. In continuance with this thought I say I keep waiting for the series to turn into a hentai. All the moaning and constant talk of violence and extacy gets my hopes up then I remember that it's a FUNi title and FUNi doesn't do that (nor do I think it ever will). I'll probably finish this series sometime in the future as well since a friend bought the Blu-ray boxset (I love my Blu-ray anime). 
That's what I got today. Probably not my best work but I've been awake since 11:40 am yesterday morning and finishing this blog brings my time to 29 1/2 hrs. I'd like to hear what y'all have to say about these anime just try not to ruin the endings.

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