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So I just finished a couple anime and two of them really hit me. They are Gurren Lagann and Angel Beats!. I'm not sure how to break down Angel Beats! as I literally just finished it but I'll do my best. As for Gurren Lagann, I've been struggling what to think as it's so epic. 
Gurren Lagann: 
I don't know how far in the future the story takes place but it seems that humanity had regressed. To start, I found the characters very likeable as they gave ridiculous

You can't get any more badass.
You can't get any more badass.

 speeches full of half-assed reasons to fight. But as Kamina says, "That's how Team Gurren rolls!". It was so cool watching Team Dai-Gurren get stronger and give people hope as they took on the oppressing Beastmen. But the time always comes where one must fall so the others go on. Kamina's death was another in a growing list of ones that sadden me. I mean, he really was the man. He was macho and wild and crazy and determined. He will always be remembered as Bro.It was great, too, that his cape and sword were still in place after the moon came crashing down. 
What I find interesting as well are the two fast-forward points to move the story along and how the series is 27 eps long. But for the eps the series is actually 25 as one is a recap and the other is an uncut version of another ep. I'm not bothered by the time leaps, I'll say that. The first one is important as to heed Lord Genome's warning and show how the world has progressed. Many of the characters underwent transformations not only in looks but in attitudes as well. Another thing I noticed was how the people who used to live underground and are now in the city are overcome with material possessions and blaming others (basically being selfish and not taking circumstances into question). Since I'm on the subject of time leaps I should talk about the final leap. Things moved along a lot in the 20 years after the final battle against the Anti-Spirals. What gets me the most is how Simon just exiled himself and didn't even stay to even try and have another life that included a family or traveling the universe. In addition, Simon and Rossiu seemed to have aged pretty badly compared to everyone else (they looked older than Yoko). 

The ultimate in Spiral Energy: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!
The ultimate in Spiral Energy: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

Now for the main point of Gurren Lagann: Spiral (slight pun). I cheated a little when I was reading about the series to see if I would like it and found out about the spiral motif. Not to mention the names of some of the characters has to do with DNA. But seeing that information beforehand I think helped me understand the series much better as a whole. People are always wanting to aim for something better or higher. The spiral shape (ex. drill) is a perfect symbol for aiming up and forward. Human evolution really is amazing. I could do nothing but agree as situations would become ever more dire and Simon and the others would have an influx of Spiral Energy from their beliefs and resolve (much like has been seen before in human history). 
Now, who the hell do you think I am?!
Angel Beats!: 

Ah an all chick band..that rocks!
Ah an all chick band..that rocks!

What I first liked about Angel Beats! was the music and animation. The animation was great but I've seen the style before so the anime's score is what really stuck to me. The episode that stands out the most for music is of course ep 3. I had so much fun watching the band, Girls Dead Monster, play and "My Song" was so touching. I had tears in my eyes when the girl disappeared. That episode was so gripping; I hadn't felt quite that way before while watching an anime. Thanks to Angel Beats! I pay more attention to an anime's soundtrack. 
Don't worry, I found the story interesting, too. At first it didn't quite make sense but then it seemed like their world was a kind of purgatory for souls who were not yet ready to move on. The SSS's fights with Angel pretty much got them nowhere most of the time (and it's funny how they can "die" then come back and they feel all the pain). In fact, I'm actually still a bit confused about how that world actually works as you never got to see its creator or the creator of the programs. I wonder what will happen to that world now.. 

The SSS is all here!
The SSS is all here!

Lastly, I want to cover some of the characters and their backgrounds. Otonashi lost his memory so that made him interesting from the start. When he finally regained them it was incredible what he had been through with his sister and how he lived his life. What he did to save those people before he died is above praise. Him being in love with Kanade threw me for a bit of a loop as well. Yuri's gruesome past left me speechless. I cannot imagine the feelings of living through such an ordeal. She also seemed tempted to take over the world they were in and turn it into a paradise. Angel only meant to do right but her methods got lost in translation with the SSS. How Kanade died is beyond me and since Otonashi was her donor it seemed odd that she died. In connection with Otonashi I don't quite get why Kanade loves him either. However, I find it amazing that they come across each other in another life (and she's humming "My Song"!). That was a heart-pounding and -breaking ending. Iwasawa, the lead singer of Girls Dead Monster, did what she could during her life and just wanted to be understood and accepted. Her family problems were very saddening and her accident just topped it off. But her acceptance of everything that allowed her to fully pass on was magnificent. Yui's life was regrettable in how she was paralyzed. She simply wanted to have fun with everyone and find someone who truly cared about her. Hinata was very manly when he said he'd marry Yui no matter what. That, is really caring about someone. 
All I can really say is to live life without regrets and be happy. Do what you can. Find someone to care about. Find something to protect. Be passionate. But if I find myself in purgatory I hope it's like that of Angel Beats!.

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