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Long ago, when college was easy and time could still be called "free", a friend and I started writing our first anime. We got the first 5 minutes then ended up drinking too much and brainstorming about future episodes without writing any of it down (much to my regret). We are the fools. It's been nigh on 2 years since then and the idea hasn't been touched since. I tend to blame the ill progress on school, the lack of a proper atmosphere, and my general laziness. I have big plans for the anime when I have it entirely written and ready to go. It will be my masterpiece and calling card (I find myself dreaming of being like that kid from The Girl Next Door who directed the Sex Ed. video). 
I am not in dispair, however. My time of not working on one has not gone to waste doing nothing and resting on my laurels. No, I have started learning Japanese and massing a boxset collection and watching one new and old anime after another. In addition, I have come up with another 15 ideas that are in the preliminary stage of getting characters, with backgrounds, and a general plot. Thankfully I'm not far from graduation so I can go out into the real world (hopefully the slightly unrealistic one of anime) and have time to myself to pick up writing where I left off. With the help of the Anime Vice staff I hope to start doing some reviews to better my writing skills in terms of anime and manga.
In the end I'm not a cocky guy or saying that I'm the only one who will fulfill his dreams or that I am or will be the best amatuer anime writer: but I am saying that I intend to do my best and will do my damnedest to see my anime to fruition and gladly take anyone along for the ride. Anime and business are my pride and what I know best.

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