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I've been putting off this blog off for a little while now as I was waiting for Christmas to come and pass as I was getting a few more boxsets. I feel like this collection, the sum of my work since 2008, isn't too shabby in its variety of genres. There are some classics as well as some less-than-liked titles. Also, many of you will probably notice that the majority of the boxsets in my collection are FUNimation products. I can't help it that FUNimation handles just about all the series I have liked! In fact, it should show that FUNimation focuses very much on getting a variety of anime to suit just about any anime fan's taste. You can also see that I only have one manga and it is hentai. However, along with anime I am making manga my priority in reading material and 2011 will see me buying a nice sum. Speaking of sum, I do not have a comparison of my collection's retail price to the "bought" price. But I can tell you that the most expensive piece was bought on eBay for $69 ($120 retail) and my cheapest was free (courtesy of FUNimation-but total cost to the company was $150 (4 boxsets)). The total of my Christmas gifts from the past 2 years retailed $420 (9 boxsets). One final point I wish to make before showing the pictures below is that I have burnt copies of Hellsing, Onegai Teacher, and Onegai Twins (entire series for each) that are not present in the photos. Without further ado, Anime Vice Community, enjoy my visual offering!

I had this taken but then I forgot my manga.
I had this taken but then I forgot my manga.


Hey, I got the manga this time!
Hey, I got the manga this time!

You will have to forgive that I do not have a descending piece of furniture to take fancy pictures of me and my collection on. I used the couch and a couple pillows. First, I'll say that in the right corner is Ichigo's Hollification Mask, I am wearing a Super Saiyan 3 Goku t-shirt, and in my hands is the complete Slut Girl collection (I'm still working on the Wiki). I'll list the items from left to right. Top row: Afro Samurai (Director's Cut), Afro Samurai: Resurrection (Director's Cut), Afro Samurai (PS3), Dragonball (Season 1), and Dragonball (Season 2). Second row: Ikkitousen (The Complete Series) and Dragonball Z: Tree of Might. Third row: Girls Bravo (Complete Boxset), Elfen Lied (Complete Collection), Code Geass (Limited Edition Boxset 1), Samurai 7 (The Complete Series-BD), Gurren Lagann (Complete Collection-Anime Legend), Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne (The Complete Series), Love Hina (The Complete Series), Negima!? Spring & Summer Specials, and Speed Grapher (The Complete Series-Viridian Collection). Fourth row: Death Note (Vol. 2 Boxset), Death Note (Vol. 1 Boxset), Bleach (Season 2 Boxset), Bleach (Season 3 Boxset), Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki (The Complete Series-Viridian Collection), Tenchi Muyo! GXP (The Complete Series-Viridian Collection), Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (Ultimate Collection), and Samurai Harem (Complete Collection). Bottom row: Akira (BD), Basilisk (The Complete Series-BD), Claymore (The Complete Series-BD), Samurai Champloo (The Complete Series-BD), Ah! My Goddess (Complete Collection), Baki the Grappler (The Complete Series-Viridian Collection), Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Complete Collection), and Black Lagoon (Complete Boxset). 
-Will McQuigg (sotyfan16) is your everyday anime/manga enthusiast. You can also find him on Twitter (bildo_88).

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