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I have been documenting a lot of my manga purchases on blogs this year but do not have a complete list of what I have. The funny thing is, I didn't have any manga at the start of 2011. Some of the titles I only have some volumes so I will state which ones I have everything of. I'll also state which ones I will not purchase more of. Lastly, some of these series I have volumes for that I have not got around to reading yet and some of the links are to franchise pages because they are only manga and have yet to get an anime. This site will be the first to know when I've read them in the form of Dunce Cap episodes.

Manga not in the AV Wiki:

  • Butterfly
  • Hatsu Inu (hentai manga)
1. AiON

With the fall of Tokyopop, I doubt I'll get any more of this. It's neat but not enough to keep me going.

2. B. ICHI


3. Bakuman.
4. BioMega


5. Black Lagoon

This series is sadly on an indefinite hiatus.

6. Bloody Monday
7. Blue Exorcist
8. Cat Paradise


9. Claymore

I'm missing some random volumes.

10. Domin-8 Me

This is a hentai manga.

11. Dorohedoro
12. Fairy Tail
13. Highschool of the Dead
14. Jack Frost
15. Jormungand
16. Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Light-Novel)
17. Laon

This one is a bit outside my taste with the comedy but the story is decent. Still, I will not buy any more of this.

18. Lives
19. Maximum Ride

A novel series-turned-manga. Interesting stuff but I feel like this story is suited to teens. I'm done buying this but if it was more adult then I would.

20. Negima!

There is a lot to this manga. I'll get more once I have the time to read them.

21. Peepo Choo


22. Red Hot Chili Samurai

Some funny moments but this one didn't come together enough to keep my interest.

23. Rosario + Vampire

I'm curious about the difference between this and the anime.

24. Slut Girl

This is a hentai manga.

25. Soul Eater

I enjoyed the anime but I don't feel the need to have the manga.

26. Sundome


27. Toradora!
28. Ultimo
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