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You can win an all-expenses-paid tour trip to Japan! A contest is currently going on through ANN for two different trips appealing to two

different types of fans of two different types of shows. Deal is that fans must provide a 600x800 JPEG image with a working URL that  
meets the criteria based on which show the applicant likes. But, applicants may upload multiple images for both shows as long as  
each is original.The trips take place March and and May of 2011 and only 18+ US and Canadian residents are eligible (sorry y'all from  
the UK). Applications must be turned in by December 5, 2010. Accepted applications will be posted two weeks after the deadline and  

togainu no chi - Bloody Curs
togainu no chi - Bloody Curs

winners about a month after the dealine. Which will it be of the two series on the right?! Will you pick My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute  
or "True Blood"...or both? I'd love to do this and win a beautiful and glorious trip to Japan but I won't be applying. However, I do  
plan/hope to make a trip to Japan sometime in my life. The link to the article and rules can be found here.

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