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 More! More! More!
Am I a spendthrift? Probably. But I can't help taking advantage of Borders now having manga at 40% off. If I could spend the money I'd buy a lot more but I really shouldn't even be doing this. lol Anyway, I just got back from the store and I have 8 more volumes added to my collection.

This brings my total manga to 64 volumes. That's a lot for just starting this year. For publishers, I have 1 Del Rey, 1 Tokyopop, 2 Yen Press, 2 Viz Media, and 2 Vertical. The 2 by Vertical are the same title and complete the 3 Vol. series. I'll get on with telling y'all what the titles are.

In the front are Vol. 2 of Dorohedoro, Vol. 2-3 of Peepo Choo (complete), and Vol. 3 of Highschool of the Dead. In the back row is Vol. 4 of Fairy Tail, Vol. 1 of Zone-00, Vol. 3 of Claymore, and Vol. 2 of Jack Frost. I had never heard of or seen Zone-00 before but from flipping through it I thought I'd give it a shot. I could have gotten through Vol. 9 of Claymore but couldn't convince myself to do it. The same goes for Jack Frost as I could have gotten through Vol. 5. Could have even purchased through Vol. 12 of Fairy Tail.

But that's what I have so let me know what you think Vicers!

-Will McQuigg ( sotyfan16) is your everyday anime/manga enthusiast. You can also find him on Twitter ( bildo_88).
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