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Hello all! 
Needless to say, the title tells it all. It's currently 2:37 AM and even though I have Fridays off I have a ton of homework to have done for Monday. Some of the items due I've known about all semester and others just got annouced. To the point though... 
Point one is that I procrastinate like not other. I do that naturally but over the past couple years it has been primarily due to my anime watching. I knew of only a couple anime titles 3 years ago and now I could list at least a hundred that I've seen and a few hundred more that I've heard of. Now, I realize that I could have a lot more done and be more productive if I did things bit by bit or just kept motivated but I say fuck that. At first I would just watch a few episodes at a time and then do other things. Now it has come to the point where I will watch a few hours or so a day and tell myself that assignments and such can wait. Don't get me wrong I want to do well in school (since graduation is in sight) and I do get done what I need to but I really like anime and hope to make it my future. 
Point two is how I buy anime even when I don't need to spend any money. I do also buy movies and games but anime takes up the majority of the money that doesn't need to be spent. And thanks to this habit of mine I now have no money, literally. To help ease some of my anime costs I do tell my family I want cash and giftcards for holidays and my birthday. When I make my wishlist for them I usually put a handful of anime titles and get most or all on the list (which makes me so happy). 
Point number three is how I keep up with anime. I have an "Anime" and "Manga" folder in my Favorites tab so I can quickly go to whatever site I want to catch new episodes and volumes. I also follow a number of anime companies and bloggers on Twitter and Facebook (having both apps on my iPhone doesn't help me pay attention in class either) and check each many times a day. 
Finally, my fourth point. It is that I have quite a few anime ideas int he works but have only actually started one them with a friend. What doesn't help is that here at school I only have a couple people to talk anime with. Although, I do talk to my friends and roommates about it but mostly about interesting news and such (I even got some of them to watch Afro Samurai, but that is the extent to their anime watching as they find it gay and dumb and wrong (moe and the like)). So it's only when I am home that I can get to try and make any progress. In addition to the writing I am working to learn Japanese. That..isn't going very far at the moment. I am hoping to work with an anime company sometime in my life but I'm in the process of starting with one after school via an internship (really hoping something positive happens since I've already been to the company and showed interest; basically put my foot in the door). 
Well, all in all and in the end I just need to get out of school and things should be easier for me to get done. As always I'm open to comments and stories since you never know what you might find out.

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