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 Go Team Fukuda!!
 Go Team Fukuda!!

It started with the anime. I was so enthralled by the story. It felt like I was home within the fictional creation. The characters popped out at me along with the animation. And the comedy was simple, normal, and classic. I would wait with so much anticipation for each episode. Once the new year started I began gathering the manga. I now have all 6 volumes currently released in the US. However, that was not enough. The fact that I just bought Vol. 5-6 and read them first out of all my recent purchases (and have yet to read any of the others) didn't cut it.

I knew what I had to do. I had to have more and there was only one way to do it. So I went to the internet. It was pretty easy to find a site that had up to the most recent chapter scanned. From there I started reading where Vol. 6 left off. I have become so entranced by it. Shujin is like my kindred spirit. I'm not an artist so I can only come up with stories. I'm ok with that. But before I knew it I was reading everything on every page. I've hardly been paying attention to anything else. Hours at a time would pass and I'd only have a volume's worth covered. But that's fine because I want to absorb every detail I can. I can expect nothing less from the duo behind Death Note.

I'm on Chapter 127 of the 143 currently out. None of this reading has been in vain, though. I've grown to have a number of questions that I would like to research and write an article for. But my thoughts are pretty mush right now since this is my second blog of the day. I'll see if I can get an LOL article done later. Peace!

-Will McQuigg ( sotyfan16) is your everyday anime/manga enthusiast. You can also find him on Twitter ( bildo_88).
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