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 You jealous yet?
 You jealous yet?
BAM! As many of you know, Borders is going out of business. Also, some of you may remember that I said I was going to make manga my priority this year. The above picture further proves I'm doing what I said. I got 8 of the above manga at 30% off and 1 at 25% off (because I bought it last week and RightStuf didn't have it). In fact, 30% off makes the manga cheaper than RightStuf before tax and only a couple cents more afterwards. So if y'all are a bit like me and really want the stuff in your hands instead of waiting a couple days I suggest going to your nearest Borders store and picking up what you want/can before they run out!

On to the good stuff now. My manga collection after this purchase totals 58 volumes. 4 of the volumes in the picture complete 2 series, which brings me to a total of 4 complete manga series (all of which don't have an anime) that tally to 23 volumes. All right, all right, all right! I'll tell you what I exactly got.

In the front row are Vol. 2-4 of B.Ichi (complete). In the top-left corner are Vol. 6 of BioMega (complete), Vol. 2 of Toradora, and Vol. 5 of Ultimo. Aaand in the top-right corner are Vol. 5-6 of Bakuman and Vol. 3 of Fairy Tail. That about does it for me. Look forward to me talking about these and other great manga and anime in upcoming Dunce Cap episodes. I can't wait to read Bakuman because it will be the first time I've read a manga further than its anime (that is ongoing).

-Will McQuigg ( sotyfan16) is your everyday anime/manga enthusiast. You can also find him on Twitter ( bildo_88).
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