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Good ol' Lagoon Company
Good ol' Lagoon Company

Alright, so my roommmate and I started the idea of having some circulating story about having a group or series following Black Lagoon. As far as the arc goes, things didn't start as I hoped as I didn't know how to react. 

Thoughts and Ideas

Ok, so I am certainly not sober and not prepared for this interaction on genetalia or converstaions of a reactionary series...My roommate and I started Black Lagoon with the first 4 eps (the first disc) and we both found out some interesting ideas about the series and its ideas about the use of alcohol, etc. 

My Roommate's First Reactions

The first part is my roommates stopping to watch anime in the earlier days in order to improve thier thoughts and ideas of what is important and gain knowledge from the diescussion. From the current perspective, the idea of stopping is as unhealthy as the idea of shooying or killing an anime. 

Disc 1:

First off, my buddy Blake (my roomie who has had no previous anime experience except for with Afro Samurai) was blown away by what Black Lagoon had to offer. He first started off with my Beginner's Guide and then (with my provocation) started with the series itself. At the end, first off, he didn't think the story was going to go into an arc about WWII and Nazis; he was wrong. The Lagoon Company being charged with finding a painting seemed to be different then what he figured Black Lagoon's story would be like and spawn off of. He really didn't think the arc would go anywhere but he is interested in seeing where the arc goes. He likes the surprise in each episode (even the globalization of the South China Sea (as we are both business Majors)) but was not deterred by the semi-slow first 2 eps. He found the modern-day Nazi story random but is curious as to where the story goes. 

Bullet holes come standard.
Bullet holes come standard.

In comparison, he found Afro Samurai to be more exiciting the whole time (as to be expected with a series that's only the length of a movie). He finds Afro as finding as a "one note" series, if you will, and feels Black Lagoon is moving with more story lines. He thought a totally different line of plot and thought took place and different themes are taking place just within Lagoon Company so early in the series and it will be fun and interesting seeing how the current plot plays out (I find it great how he decuces so quickly about he series).  

Currently, Blake looks forward to seeing how Lagoon Company handles the situation and is even curious as to finding out what direction the story goes in with the Nazis. In a different direction, he doesn't know much about the difference between dub and sub but he feels a good job was done with the dub and is interested in seeing where the story goes from here on out. He points out from the article that he will be surprised about what will happen in the series and likes how the eps are different in how the story develops as it progresses. He thinks it will be interesing even for non-anime fans to watch just to see where the story goes and how everything plays out. From his perspective things are going in a different direction from arc to arc. As an American, he likes to see the different themes come into play. He's ready for another arc though as he feels checking out a sub version would be cool in order to get a better idea of how the story goes and see where the story goes from arc to arc. 
As for relation to another non-anime fan (from his experience) he feels Afro is easier to recommend as it has American voice actors along with the edgier plot and animation. He at first wasn't interested in Black Lagoon but grew to have interest as I showed him what the series had to offer. From what he has seen he thinks anime is interesting just in the animation itself as just in reference to Afro we talk about how impressive it is to have it entirely hand-drawn (but Black Lagoon is cool, too). 

To shoot or not to shoot..
To shoot or not to shoot..

As for what he likes about Black Lagoon, he feels the members are strong and is ready to find out more about their background. Mostly, he finds Revy exciting with her use of weapons and such. From reading the Beginner's Guide he is not exactly surprised from how the characters are but wants to know more with how the storytakes place in more then one direction. He is not deterred by the half-way intergections as seen in almost every anime (but he doesn't exactly like it either) and he feels it gives a good understanding as to how much of the ep is left. 
With the diection of Black Lagoon, he likes how the story has gone in different directions but is left confused. If he keeps watching the series everything is going to come together and then even an American audience could understand where everything is going. Compared to American animation he feels the series is on par but was more impressed with Afro (to be expected) and Black Lagoon is everything he expected it to be. With a series like Black Lagoon Blake feels Americans look for a high-octane and action-packed series such as this to fulfill their needs. 
Overall, Black Lagoon has gone different directions he didn't think the series would go but is excited to see how the story develops and how the characters grow. I think this experience went well and sorry about the sporatic directions this went. I can't wait for Blake's thoughts on the next disc!

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