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Why don't we see more anime into video games? Well, it stands to fact that many just aren't able to be adapted for one. When you look at the length of series and then at the story and content, most anime just don't cut it. There are some that do however. Ikkitousen: Shining Dragon, for example, came out for the PS2 but only in Japan. I'm sure there are other titles that only had a game in Japan that I don't know about but Ikkitousen is an example of something going wrong to not allow the anime-to-game in the US and other parts of the world. My other issue with anime-to-games is that when the anime do have enough of a story and length to be made a game they just suck as a game. Be it the graphics, altered storyline/characters, and/or overall playability and likability of the game, the anime isn't done justice for the audiences of the world who buy the game because it's something new or because they like the anime. The Mobile Suit Gundam games for example: the graphics suck, the stories are off, and the gameplay is too poor to say, all top out the Ring of 3 Evils* for video games. It's hard to change the Pokemon games but that's fine as why change what isn't totally broken? Naruto graphics are pretty good and the gameplay works well enough, Dragon Ball Z games were cool until they started messing with the gameplay and didn't improve the graphics all that much, and Bleach games are cool and good (I like Shattered Blade on Wii) but the fighting is arcade style and the stories seem short and you can't actually travel.
From looking at a list of anime and mange made into games (there is more than I care to count and a greay many that I've never heard of) I can say my view is limited. I'm open to input about what anime games are good and what the gaming and anime industries can do to better the games and create greater interest. To finalize this, my first blog, I will say that Afro Samurai (PS3) is my favorite anime-to-game and it used to be Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (PS2). 
*I am coining this phrase from this point on when I talk about anime-to-games.

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