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For some odd reason lately I've felt compelled to spend a lot more time on YouTube recently. And a good bit of that time has been checking out AMVs. It takes a good bit of time and dedication to make them-though some work better than others. As some of you might know, I'm a hard rock and metal fan when it comes to music. So what I've done is search for some hard-hitting AMVs where the music goes really well with the scenes put together. Hope you all enjoy.

Gundam 00 Featuring "Fading Away" by Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter is a band I've been growing into and this is a song I really like. What makes the band a little different is they are Christian metal. Those aren't usually associated together but there are a number of bands like them. I have seen very little of Gundam 00 but when I came across this AMV it just seemed to work. The lyrics play their part but the editing fuses well with the sound.

Sasuke Featuring "Not Ready to Die" by Avenged Sevenfold

A7X is another band I enjoy. This song was originally made for the Call of the Dead DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops but upon seeing this I was surprised how well it turned out. This AMV contains footage from Naruto far beyond where I've watched. However, the content provided with the song does pretty well with the fight scenes and the telling of how Sasuke isn't going to quit until he does whatever it is he wants to do.

Seras Victoria Featuring "In Waves" by Trivium

Trivium is a band I've only just got into since I'm trying to delve deeper into the harder center of metal. The song only came out last year I think but I'm glad someone used it. That being said, the scenes used work quite well since most of what you see is enemy waves coming. Maybe the lyrics don't quite match up you can't really say the intro isn't pretty cool.

Black Lagoon Featuring "Public Enemy No. 1" by Megadeth

I admit I'm not a big Megadeth fan but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the older crews of metal. This AMV features scenes from all parts of Black Lagoon and I find the editing really good. Not to mention just how suiting the song is considering the scenes used and knowledge of all the happenings in the series. In the world of Black Lagoon there is certainly no shortage of heinous characters.

Seras Victoria Featuring "Waking the Demon" by Bullet For My Valentine

Ok, yes, it seems pretty shotty of me to put another Hellsing Ultimate AMV in here but trust me. Bullet is one of my favorite bands, and though this isn't their heaviest song, it is very suiting the scenes pieced together here. I also like the flashes of negative that go along with the drums. Vampires have demons, too, wouldn't you say?

Bleach Featuring "This War is Ours (The Guillotine II)" by Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate is more metalcore/screamo but I like the Guillotine trilogy the band has done. And I know many of you are disgusted I brought in a Bleach AMV considering there are so damn many of them (along with DBZ and Naruto) that it isn't even funny. But this one is a quick combination of many fight scenes and I found the editing to be pretty good.


So that's what I have for you Vicers. I hope to find more well done AMVs to songs I like but I try to keep away from ones made of the Big Four (I haven't found any I like yet for Fairy Tail). When you look for AMVs is there something in particular you want to find? I prefer searching by band name instead of by anime and I have been happy to find so many people like metal and anime enough to put them together.

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