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The best Weapons of all my opinion.

Not every hero or villan is has super-powers or mutant abilities. That's why they got weapons. In this list, I have added the wepons that I myself consider to be the best and coolest.

1. Wado Ichimonji

"insert generic line about swords with memories and friendship etc."

2. Tenseiga
3. Yubashiri

Considering the legend behind Sandai Kitetsu, I have to give this blade a lower spot.

4. The Hina Blade

A possesed katana. The excorcist better bring some samurais in order to save you.

5. Murata Katana

A taller and slightly curved Katana.

6. shirasaya

A katana made to look like a simple piece of wood.

7. Katana

The signature weapon for any ninja or samurai.

8. Claymore

"There can be only one" - Highlander.

9. Bayonets

They are mostly strapped on rifles, but they can be preety awesome weapons alone.


Step 1: Grab machete. Step 2: Put on a hokey mask. Step 3: Swing machete at foe. Step 4: Enjoy the bloodshed.

11. Executioner's Blade

A legendary zanbato used by Zabuza.

12. Zanbato

Does the horseriders keep bugging you? Then just pull out this blade and chop down the horses.

13. Shield

A good defense can also be a good weapon if you smash it in your opponents face, Spartan Style!

14. Kunai Knife

Who knew that a garden knife coud be so devastating in combat?

15. Shuriken

A nice silent weapon for any skilled assassin to use.


Would be higher if it wasn't for the heavy weight and lack of versitility.

17. Trident

Why settle with one edge when you can have three?

18. Naginata

A spear mixed with a katana. Sweet!

19. Polearm

A direct improvment of the spear.

20. Nunchaku

Fans of Bruce Lee might be familiar with the awesome agility and swift strengh of the nunchucks. Easily carried and easily hidden.

21. Mace

Crack some skulls with this beastly beauty.

22. Message Arrow

How awesome would it be if your opponent was killed by a flying, sharp stick that has a written insult attached to it?!

23. Crossbow

An instant improvment of the bow.

24. Bow and arrows

As cool as this weapon is, it gets a big minus because of the training one must have to master it.

25. Kabuto (slingshot)

A direct improvment of the slingshot.

26. Blowgun

A silent weapon with poison darts.

27. Bokken

It may not be a Katana, but it is a good start.

28. Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes

Just imagine if Shawn Michaels had these shoes!

29. Jutte

A Japanese nightstick. It may not injure your opponent, but what did you expect from a weapon used by common policemen.

30. Keyblade

Too bad that this oversized key is only effective against the Heartless and evil Disney characters.

31. Taser

Not all weapons are fatal. This is one of them.

32. Master Ball

Unlike the regular poké ball, you don't have to harm your monster in order to catch it.

33. Poké Ball

It perfect cage to hold the majority of pokémon in order to release them on your foes. To bad that you need to harm your pokémon in order to catch them.

34. Gantz Suit

If it wasn't for the sensitive caps of the armor, this power-enhancing suit would have been way higher on the list.

35. Poison

Apply this to any weapon to increase lethality.

36. Bamboo Sword

Singapore cane, Kendo stick. call it what you will. It will still leave a nasty bruise on whoever you hit.

37. Modesty Towel

It's preety simple, but it can still be used to tie, choke, whip and hang an opponent if used right

38. Plate Armor

Though it's mostly used as a form of protection, it will protect you wile you pund your opponents head in with gloves of steel. To bad that it gets a massive minus due to its weight and lack of mobility.

39. Boxing Gloves

They may not look to dangerous, but you can always hide something hard inside of them.

40. Spear of Longinus

You may think I'm crazy for putting this wepon so low on the list, but I would have loved to give it a high spot if it wasn't for the fact that it can only be used by giant robots that costs billions of dollars to create and needs expert pilots to manouver properly.

41. Usopp Hammer

.....why the hell did I even put this on the list?!

42. Stake

Sadly, this oversized and akward piece of wood doesn't do mutch else other than killing vampires wile they are sleeping or restrained.

43. Pot Lid

Can you belive that the main character from Battle Royal was forced to use THIS as a weapon?! At least Usopp's hammer can knock people out...

44. Rat-Flail


Destinyheroknighton Oct. 2, 2010 at 5:48 p.m.

Hey why Sword Of Light is 45?
Soranthemanon Oct. 3, 2010 at 1:49 a.m.
....I don't know. I have never seen Slayers so I don't know mutch about it. I just added it because it looked cool.
Toxin45on March 13, 2012 at 3:43 p.m.

You know you could have add Helena's Nail and Casull with the rest of Hellsing Weapons.

bigz007on Jan. 10, 2013 at 12:03 a.m.

Musica Sword

how about this one?

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